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    Boy toys for sale

    Living on Long island NY a suburb of NYC I noticed on Craigslist a ton of boy toy cars for sale. Also I noticed lots of work commercial trucks vans and pickups. I'm guessing a few good deals if you're in the position to make a offer.
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    Ford in big trouble?

    Moody's just downgraded Ford's credit rating to junk status. Possible merger with another car company?
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    Buying used vehicle's with over 200k miles

    I notice occasionally that members buy used vehicle's with over 200k miles or over. To me it seems like your buying a money pit, unreliable vehicle or somebody else's headache. Are vehicle's now that reliable? Can they be trusted on a day to day basis?
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    Rust on rims covered under warranty?

    2017 Hyundai Elantra I bought my youngest daughter a few months ago from a private owner. Car is still under bumper to bumper warranty. Do you think Hyundai will replace these steel rims because of surface rust.
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    Battery replaced after a few slow starts

    After a few slow starts I replaced the battery in my beater G6. The auto craft gold was in use for 6 years 1 month I usually change at 5 years but lost track of time. Put in a AC Delco battery that's been in my storage room in the basement for 2 years on and off a trickle charger the whole time...
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    Does it fit?

    I have a 2017 Hyundai Elantra with base 195/65/15 tires on steel rims. I found on Craigslist 2013 OEM alloy rims for Elantra size 205/55/16 complete with tires and tmps sensors. Will they fit? I just want to put them on with no headaches.
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    2017 Elantra se

    Just picked up a used 2017 Elantra se for my daughter paid 9k with 28k miles. My friend buddy there in a VW club was selling it. Not on the road yet but hopefully soon. I haven't bought a used car in a long time I was shocked at prices at dealership and privately. I detailed it this Saturday...
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    At the DC March

    WOW took daughter and 7 friends I feel the change. Proud of these kids
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    2018 traverse first dealer oil change

    2018 traverse went to the dealership this morning first free oil change.Took delivery on 10/29/17.Now has 3575 miles OLM was at 5%.The OLM kicks off really quick compared to my 2007 G6.Also the dealership does not rotate the tires for free anymore.
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    Did you buy Bitcoin and your thoughts

    I been watching it out of general intrest but didn't get in and not planning on.My thoughts is it's one big Ponzi scheme backed by nothing.
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    What do you pay yearly for property taxes.

    I pay $12000 a year in Nassau county NY. Ridiculous.
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    New 2018 Chevy traverse

    Picked up last Sunday. LT 1 fwd with convenience package.Lease was up on the 2015 traverse. Wife is happy so that's all that counts. Leased it under my business so that helps. No money down just $80 motor vehicle had $3000 in GM points paying $325 a month. I feel I hammered out a fair deal. Went...
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    QSUD not good for ecotec engine

    2007 Pontiac G6 with 2.4 ecotec. Used QSUD for years always had to add a quart of oil every 1000 miles.Always thought the engine used oil zero leaks never thinking it could be the the oil choice. Grabbed a jug of formula shell at home Depot 3200 miles on this oil zero makeup oil. Go figure.
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    Formula shell working for me

    2007 Pontiac G6 2.4 engine been using qsud for a few years but used a quart of oil every 1000 miles.Bought a case of formula shell 5/30 at home Depot when it was on sale. So far 1000 miles on oil change and zero makeup oil very pleased so far.
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    2014 chevy traverse

    Well guys, the 1995 Geo prism beater has seen it,s last days.The exhaust dropped and the wife wont let me get it fixed.Sad to see the old girl go,but got more then my moneys worth.The new is possibly 2014 traverse 1 LT.Only option is bucket seats for the middle row.Doing a lease because I can...
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    2011 Buick Regal?

    My brothers inlaws are getting ready to bring back there leased car.2011 Buick regal CXL with 8000 miles.The buyout is $13700.No turbo and just with standard options.Whats your thoughts on the car and price.The car is showroom condition and garage kept.
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    NYC and suburbs, potholes the size of Kansas.

    Just drove into NYC and back to Long Island and the pothole are just insane.The long island exprw that leads into NYC had to have at least 50 cars on the side of the road with flats.It was a white knuckle drive dodgeing the potholes.
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    Toto toilets?

    In need of a new toilet.Not happy with home depot or loews toilets.Thinking about going with a Toto toilet with the cyclone flush 1.28 gallons.Any feedback?
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    2007 pontiac G6 gt pick my tires

    Need new tires for my car.Any ideas? Trying to keep it under $500.This car will be my next beater when the Geo dies.
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    champion generator?

    Need to pick up a generator for the house or my wife is going to pack my bags and ship me out. Looking at a champion 3500 run 4000 max on overstock for $327.00 out the door.This seems to be one of the better cheap ones around for the price.Dont need anything fancy or powerful.Whats your...