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    VW TDI “Short” MANN Fuel Filter

    This is what MANN calls out for ‘15 2L TDI. Quite a bit shorter than stock. Normally I would of not installed but the linked bulletin says it is OK. Replaced original OEM UFI (made in Tunisia) which had 38k miles on it (dieselgate car). <a...
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    Oil Prices in Europe

    Couple examples of what motor oil retails for in Germany. These are pics from a big box DIY store (Bauhaus) and gas station on the Autobahn. Expensive stuff. The 4L of Liqui Moly 15w40 HDEO was the least expensive available.
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    Filter Brand Quality Change?

    Over the last decade or so, has any brand of filter had a major change in quality? Better or worse. I've been away from BITOG for a while. It seems way back, Fram was frowned upon and Purolator praised. Now it looks like the opposite. Professionally I've seen M&H get cheapened up over the last...
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    Old SG/CD Mopar Vintage oil useless?

    Got a case of this ancient stuff at Goodwill for 50 cents/quart. API says it went obolete in 1994. Is this a decent "flat tappet" lube for old muscle car engines? I'd use it in my garden equipment but they are all proper 2-strokes. Thanks <img...
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    Car for short, elderly person?

    Have an 72yo female family menber who is 4'10" and needs a new used car. We've checked out some of the list found online for short driver cars but looking for other suggestions (a couple of the recommended models had very bad rear visibility). Budget is about $8k. Miles driven very low - couple...
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    Williams Tools Made in Taiwan

    When did Williams start having sockets made in Asia? Always thought this Snap-On company was all Made in USA? Bummer. I am sure these impact sockets will work out fine, but would have ordered Proto or Armstrong instead if I knew they were from Taiwan. <img...
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    Did Rotella Ever Have JASO MA Certification?

    Did any of the Rotella products ever have an actual JASO MA license /approval? Or was the "JASO MA" printed on the bottles of their 5w40 a "recommended for" type marketing statement (similar to Amsoil and some other boutique lubes). I've never seen Rotella on a JASO motorcycle cert list (2020...
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    EBC Rotor Pictures

    These are EBC rotors for early 90's BMW. Bought as EBC touts their passenger car rotors are made in UK & USA. Price was right at the time for $110 delivered for the pair from Summit Racing, which was about the same as budget rotors from Rock Auto. Build quality looks good - fine machining and...
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    Ford Required Injection Cleaning Service?

    Does Ford have a formal "required" or "recommended" fuel injection cleaning and intake track cleaning interval on the 2L GDI? I do not see anything in the Owner's Manual (2012 Focus). Family member was recently charged $175 for "fuel injection cleaning service" and $169 "fuel induction cleaning...
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    Ford PowerShift Trans Campaign Question

    A relatives 2012 Focus trans went out recently. It's acting like it's stuck in gear yet slipping badly. Smoke coming from it. Trans issue warning light on in IP. Left her stranded. Elderly woman recently widowed. 60k miles. So I googled "focus transmission" and OMFG. This thing has tons news...
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    Febi VW 75w GL4 Man Trans Fluid Specs

    Hello BIToG gurus. Have a VW requiring their low viscosity 75w GL4 spec for the manual trans G 052 171 A2 | G 055 512 . Febi Bilstein has a lube advertised as meeting these requirements however they only publish viscosity at 40C not 100C. Anybody know what it is at 100C? I suppose it is in...
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    MANN Filter for Cummins Dodge

    Does anybody have any experience with MANN filters for Cummins ISB? MANN filters seems to be quite popular on BITOG. I know in Europe they are common for commercial diesel applications. Price is sure attractive on these. <a...
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    Made In USA Brake Rotor Sources?

    Don't laugh - does anybody know a supplier of made in USA or Canada brake rotors for passenger cars and trucks? Particularly 70's - 90's Dodge-Ford-GM 3/4, 1-ton 4x4 pickups. I suspects its all from China and India nowadays.
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    FrugalMechanic parts price web search tool?

    I noticed consistently came up in google parts searches, then tried it a couple times. I thought it was just a gimmick site but its returned some decent result. Plug in a part number and it searches various sites (JC Whitney fmaily companies, Amazon, Ebay, etc but misses a...
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    Honda Dual Pump - Other Uses For It?

    I have a stash of leftover bottles of Honda DP fluid and no longer own a Honda. Beside selling on Craig's or killing weeds with it, what else can it be used for, PS fluid? Mouthwash? Maybe I'll just donate to a worth cause. Thanks.
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    5w30 CJ4 with ILSAC GF4, GF5 or Energy Conserving

    As the title says, I am looking for a virtual unicorn of a motor oil for my 2014 turbo Subaru. Subaru requires synthetic 5w30 with SM / SN with the "energy conserving / resource conserving" certification or ILSAC GF-4 / GF-5 starburst certification. I've pursued the SAE directory and can't find...
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    E15 Approved By Feds :(

    Bummer ... <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Motor Oil Comparison Test - Lots of Em'

    Have not ready yet but looks like and an interesting read. Timken OK Load test (even relevant??) ... Royal Purple & Penrite win (maybe?). More to oil than that test of course. <a href=""...
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    Best Cocktail to Remove Heavy Leading

    So whats the best homemade concoction to remove heavy kead build up in the rifling. Hoppe's #9 just is not cutting it. Thanks.
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    Lawn Mower Repair the Easy Way (Video)

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>