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    Walmart 5 pack Valvoline advanced full synthetic price mixup (5w30, 5w20, 0w20). Get yours before it sells out.

    Walmart seems to have made a mistake on pricing its 5 pack of 5 quart jugs of Valvoline advanced full synthetic. Price per quart comes out to under 1 dollar.
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    Looking for a specific usb cable to repair pc case

    One of my usb 2.0 ports has broken and the wire is a little burn up as well. I'm looking for a usb cable like in the pictures. This is to repair my pc case. Basically I am looking for a cable that plugs into the motherboard on one end and has 2 usb ports on the other.
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    Need help with ez go golf cart governor adjustment

    A friend has a 1993 ez go golf cart gtx-804 with a 295cc robin engine. There is a cable that goes from the accelerator to the transmission area then there is a bunch of solid linkages that go from there and connect to the carburetor. I am looking for any information on factory specs for the...
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    Question on piston slap/rod knock

    I have an 02 Accord with the 2.3 F23A4 engine. The engine was quiet when I first got the car but about 30k miles later at around (190k) it started to sound like it was making a loud knocking noise when it was cold or at a certain rpm when letting off the throttle. I wasn't overly concerned...
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    Using engine oil as atf

    Just a quick question. I'm not looking for people to say whether it's right or wrong to use engine oil as atf. This is more of a theoretical question as I have no intention of doing this, I just got to thinking. If you used engine oil would it act more like a non friction modified fluid such as...
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    How to free up a stuck fuel pump without dropping the fuel tank

    I just installed a brand new fuel pump/sending unit combination in a 1987 Chevy truck TBI 5.7. The pump has less than 5 miles on it but i the truck has sat for a couple months after those 5 miles were put on it. I went to start it the other day and I did not hear the fuel pump turn on. Today I...
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    Help with choosing an exhaust for a 2002 honda accord 4cyl

    I need to replace the entire exhaust on my 2002 Accord automatic with the F23A4 2.3l engine. It is carb compliant so I assume that means it has a california emissions exhaust. I have found this complete stainless steel exhaust...
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    700r4 lost all gears.

    Hello, im not trying to get an exact answer just some possible culprits. My dad was driving his 1988 k2500 with the 700r4. He said it felt like it was slipping on the 1-2 shift. A few miles later it lost all gears and rolled backwards when you gave it gas. The transmission was a re manufactured...
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    I need your help picking out fireworks for a show.

    So every year my family has a fourth of july party and shoots off fireworks. This year I am tasked with picking out the fireworks to put together a show everyone can sit back and watch. I will be getting fireworks from phantom fireworks. I would like your help in choosing the fireworks. If you...
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    Basic car radio amplifier questions

    Let's say an car stereo amplifier is 50w rms. When I turn on the radio does the amplifier always deliver 50w to the speakers or does it deliver 0 to 50w linearly depending on whether the volume knob is at a minimum or maximum? Also does the amplifier amplify the power it's being fed? An example...
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    How to power a h7 bulb from 110v?

    I have the inside of an old headlight housing that i am trying to make a lamp from. I want to use the headlight bulb as the bulb in the lamp. How can i cheaply power the 12v headlight from 120v wall power? Also I imagine if i give the headlight the full 100w of power it will be to bright? <img...
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    Looking for paging device hooked to land line

    I have an elderly family member. I am looking for one of those life alert style buttons that go around your neck but i dont want something that calls a call center. What i am looking for is a base unit that hooks into the land line. When the button around your neck is pressed i want the land...
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    Vehicle speed while passing

    Spin-off of the engine rpm's while passing thread. What speed are you comfortable hitting when passing? If the speed limit is 55 what is the minimum speed you will stay behind someone before passing?
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    Aluminum vs Steel to make exhaust heat shield.

    The heat shield between the exhaust manifold and the spark plug wires has rusted away on my truck. I am going to make new ones from either a sheet of aluminum or a sheet of galvanized steel I can pick up from tractor supply. The shielding is not in contact with the exhaust manifold so we are...
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    Looking for some type of heating plate that can reach 1000c

    I am working on a project for college that involves sintering 3d printed powder metal copper parts. Right now I am looking for some type of high temperature hot bed like some type of ceramic plate that can reach 1000c and stay at that temperature for indefinitely. I am having trouble finding...
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    Looking for stainless steel y pipe for small block Chevy.

    I was driving my 78 chevy k20 today and it got loud all of the sudden. The y pipe rotted out right where the pipe connects to the manifold. I need a new y pipe. Basically i can get a walker aluminized steel y pipe for $110 but i was looking for a stainless steel y pipe. I am surprised for as...
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    Bought a new battery for my truck today.

    My 78 chevy k20 has had its duralast gold battery since this time in 2012 so it is 7 years old. It has been getting tired over the years but now it does not really hold a charge long. I decided tonight to stop by Walmart and check out what they had for batteries. I was not going to buy one yet...
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    TPS only seeing 3.7v at WOT

    2000 lexus es300 tps only sees 3.7v at wot. Vehicle computer shows 74% throttle opening at wot. Does that seem correct? Car seems to accelerate ok but i dont want to be leaving performance on the table. The tps sweep is nice with no dead spots. It starts at around .6 and goes to 3.7. Shouldn't...
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    Is my starter drawing to many amps?

    I have a mid 70s winnebago on a Dodge cb300 chassis. It has a 360ci engine. The engine is turning over slowly. The battery is new and resting voltage is around 12.8v. when cranking voltage drops to 11+v volts and quickly recovers to 12.5v when stopping cranking. I checked the amp draw of the...
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    Where did my thread go?

    Yesterday i made a thread about hollowing out a catalytic converter. I put it in the automotive general topics section. Now i cannot find my thread. I looked in my profile to see if it had been moved to another section but it doesnt even show up as a thread i made. Did it get deleted?