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    Motorcycle Museum in Austria burned down

    An absolutely tragic loss. I'm glad we got to visit it on several occasions.
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    A question for the truck guys. Do you prefer 2500 or F-250?

    The front end styling is one thing. But I was specifically talking about the IFS suspension.
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    Are we forgetting Fuchs lubricants?

    Motul 5100 isn't the same as the 300V 4T.
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    A question for the truck guys. Do you prefer 2500 or F-250?

    I have a RAM 3500 4wd crew cab dually. For my use, the only pick up that would work is a 1-ton dually . And at the time (2017) only Ford and RAM offered enough capability. The GM just didn't have high enough ratings. I actually considered an MDT or HDT. But having owned those in a business...
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    Are we forgetting Fuchs lubricants?

    All joking aside, I've used the Silkolene Pro 4 M/C oil. It was okay, but the bikes shifted better with Motul 300V 4T. So that's what I use.
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    The short warranty on NGK spark plugs is NOT just Rock Auto! Applies to parts stores too

    I've changed tens of thousands of spark plugs. Never even considered a warranty on them.
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    Friend only wants to do what he wants?

    Yes, it was revived today by 'vavavroom'. I was just curious as to why? The OP hasn't even been here since last June.
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    Appeal of Locally Sourced Food

    I prefer to support local business when I can.
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    Friend only wants to do what he wants?

    Why was this nearly 5 year old thread revived?
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    Anyone familiar with Porsche 944s?

    I had an '89 944 Turbo. In '88 there was a Turbo and a Turbo S. In '89 the former Turbo S became the standard model. It was a great car in the early 90's. Don't neglect to change the timing belt on time. This isn't mine, but it looked just like this.
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    Tows don't cost $50...

    I've been trying to forget for years...
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    Excited About Wife's New 4Runner

    I figured you had bought through one of those distributors, that's why I was careful in my choice of words... :censored: At least they didn't get you for undercoated floormats, and VIN-etched curb feelers... 😁
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    Excited About Wife's New 4Runner

    Yep, both Distributors (SET) South East Toyota and (GST) Gulf States Toyota, tend to add high mark-up items to the vehicles they sell.
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    Excited About Wife's New 4Runner

    Toyota has PPF as an official optional accessory, or often dealers will have some local car detailing shop apply aftermarket PPF to new vehicles prior to sale.
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    What is your "under the mattress" firearm?

    Guns scare me. I have a Social Worker on speed-dial to talk to any troubled people who might enter into our house with no doubt ambiguous consent, and a 'Gun Free Zone' sign. I'm all set.
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    The Harley-Davidson 2021 "Live" Virtual Product Launch

    It means that Harley is struggling to survive, just like the rest of the powersports industry. Since their customer base is shrinking along with revenue, they cut company sponsorship in Dragracing and Flattrack. Leaving potential sponsorship to individual dealers who might be willing or able to...
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    Tell me about your water heater....

    It turns cold water into hot water. So far so good.