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    Tire Repair Kit

    My wifes Audi Q7 did not come with a spare tire nor is there room for one in the rear. Given that I just put snows on her car and they aren't run flats, I'm thinking about getting her one of tire repair kits so at least she can get home with out too much hassle if she gets a flat. I was looking...
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    Beginner tool Set

    My god-son is getting his first car soon and I'd like to get him a quality tool set that he can carry in the vehicle with him. I considered making up a set but would prefer to buy him a set that's already assembled. I thought about a Craftsman set but I've read the quality is way down recently...
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    Shell Gas Rotella in Quart bottles

    I was ready this evening to swing into Walmart and pick-up 6 quarts of Rotella for my Ford 3.5 Ecoboost. To my surprise Walmart has the 5 qt Jugs but not 1 qt containers of Rotella. Has anyone see the new Rotella Gas Trucks in quart bottles?
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    Which oil for a 2014 F-150 Ecoboost?

    I need to change the oil in my F-150 EcoBoost with 30K miles. I'm considering either the Shell Rotella for Gas trucks or the Valvoline Modern Engine 5w-30. I only drive my truck about 5000 miles a year and usually change the oil once a year. Which of these two oils is better suited for a...