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  1. tiger862

    Looking to Change oil on my 2015 Dodge Journey - new to forum.

    I have ran Pennzoil, Napa, Havoline, and now Valvoline whatever Synthetic on sale. I am sticking to Valvoline. Normally I run Severe duty which is around 4k which according to the hour meter is about right.
  2. tiger862

    cheaper car insurance?

    I had State Farm for close to 15 years and loved them then Katrina. I paid bill every month although we were told exempt then when license came due i had a 500.00 bill for no insurance as well as a ticket a fellow got before he made it to dmv. State Farm said they mailed me a refund for van i...
  3. tiger862

    Electrical problems galore

    This is what I recommend for RV or cars in storage. 15 9n Amazon.
  4. tiger862

    Does It Matter What Time of Year You Do an OCI?

    Since I have had my Van I always followed severe duty which is 4k. I was going to once a year but wanted to know of hours before I pushed it. In last 1000k miles I have 50 hours so I will stay with 4k which is between 6 to 8 months. If I were doing once a year I would change in October due to...
  5. tiger862

    New tools

    I just moved here to my Dad's old place 2 years ago. Did construction 30 years ago but went to the automotive industry until I retired. Hopefully I will be here for awhile as this is my ten year plan as all done paid in full. Can't afford to hire someone.
  6. tiger862

    New tools

    Unless she is in a wheelchair and finds out. I am her caregiver so I don't want her mad as I pay dearly for it. (Opps I had an accident and need cleaning) LOL
  7. tiger862

    New tools

    I am working on remodeling my house on the cheap. I haven't done construction in about 30 years so I was doing hammer, corded drill with a Kolbalt reciprocate saw and Craftsman skill saw. SLOW IS AN UNDERSTAMENT. I got Dewalt 12" trim saw for 99.00 on sale about 6 months ago. Now that I am...
  8. tiger862

    Varnish with Synthetic Oil question

    From the 30 years in the field I have seen more sludge than I care to remember. Causes were mostly caused by a defect in emissions systems i.e. egr valve, oxygen sensor, pcv and very rarely from extended oil changes. I had the privilege of going to Texas for Toyota which we dove into the sludge...
  9. tiger862

    Do thinner oils (SAE xW-20, xW-30) do better at high RPMs?

    Many vehicles use 0w20 which turn higher rpm especially when towing. The difference is so small I can't see much if any difference. I run 5w20 in my pentastar which revs quickly to 6500 rpm.
  10. tiger862

    Attempting to swap the Jetta...

    This reminds me of my Dad's 2001 Silverado. Tailgate fell off so Chevy repainted tailgate which he didn't want cause it was red which we all knows fades quickly. It matched perfectly so he had them agree to repaint if faded different but he wrecked it in rear quarter of bed which needed a...
  11. tiger862

    How to transport an engine in the back of a van?

    Van as truck. Drive defensive. Tailgate shuts
  12. tiger862

    Worth switching to a synthetic high milage.

    I am running Valvoline Advance Maxlife in my Caravan. I have run high mileage for last 10 years in older and newer never a problem.
  13. tiger862

    Crashed the Caravan

    Glad you are ok StevieC. Vehicles can be replaced.
  14. tiger862

    Pennzoil Platinum

    I changed it at 4k due to lots of idling. Put Valvoline Advance Maxlife 5w20 since I got it on sale. I have since installed the hour meter so I can track hours. On first 200 miles I am at 15 hours. Pennzoil held up as in no new noise or drop in mileage and as a plus oil was still full.
  15. tiger862

    RAM Warranty Visit

    Our dealership never replaced anything in pairs. Heck I had an insurance job for a Ford Lightning that I replaced one bent rod from water. I miked the rod bearing for insurance so only thing they paid for was one head gasket, one rod, intake gasket with oil pan gasket. Customer paid for oil...
  16. tiger862

    Think im gonna make the switch to high mileage.. which one?

    Valvoline Advance Synthetic with Maxlife would be a good idea. Nothing wrong with high mileage oils. I am running this in the Caravan with 19k. High Mileage oil meets the specs for your engine so problem with that. Valvoline even states that you can use it from new with no effects and...
  17. tiger862

    Jeep 3.6 Pentastar

    All I can say is 20k trouble free miles out of mine. I am now watching the hours to see oil change interval as mine is idled alot. Valvoline Advance Synthetic with Maxlife. Been averaging 4k severe duty changes.
  18. tiger862

    Jeep 3.6 Pentastar This would answer your question. If I remember correctly it also reduced amount of oil from 6qts down to 5qts. I know this true for the Pacifica
  19. tiger862

    Do I need a high milage oil?

    I am running Valvoline Advance Synthetic with Maxlife which I have 19k at this time. High Mileage oil specs are the same as non high mileage oil (SP) so no damages.