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    where in the USofA can you buy a Tokyo Roki filter

    Probably because the roki filters are better than the fram's Subaru outsources.
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    Subaru Crosstrek

    1st do not trust anything from CR. Subaru has bought the right to use their numbers. Subaru uses CR in the sales dept as a plus to help sell cars. 2nd Good part, My 14 Crosstrek with 112k miles on it has not any problems other than the battery and that lasted almost 5 years which is very...
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    2019 Subaru Crosstrek oil options..with REDLINE oil response!

    If I had known the Subaru blue filter was made by the dreaded fram I probably would not have bought the car. It has however worked fine so far, 112k Crosstrek Premium CVT.
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    Costco's own oil

    Who makes Costco's own oil?
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    Mobil 1 Synthetic grease is junk!

    On my 97 4runner approx 250k miles, never was lubed, worked fine until I sold it last year.
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    Subaru 0w20 OIl

    Does anyone know who this oil is made by?
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    considering new Subaru ride

    Incorrect. The 2.0 engine on most of the 2013 models is affected also. I have also heard that some 2014's are also affected. It seems like Subaru put low tension rings in the engine's without testing them.
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    Post Your Latest Power Steering Fluid Change

    Doesn't in mine. Noisy as can be. Plain old Dex III and no more noise.
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    Switching from ATF to CHF 11S in BMW P/S

    The BMW dealer here told me they only use Dex III in the ATF cars.
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    Post Your Latest Power Steering Fluid Change

    BMW 325xi, out, whatever it was.. in M1 ATF. Prius, No PS fluid. All electric. 4runner, out, godawful whatever it was in M1 ATF TB for all.
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    ELF 5w-30 synthetic + BMW 330Ci (E46)

    It's not that cheap at my stealership. Try 10.50 a quart.
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    Prius 2002 Transmission drain

    Anyone know how to do it and what to use? thanks
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    RMI-25- Where to buy?

    No clue about Schaeffers but I did find some at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I also got a reply back from battery stuff: The manufacturer has discontinued production of quart sized bottles, and we do not carry the Gallon...
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    RMI-25- Where to buy?

    It's the 1st place I looked at but they are out of stock along with everyone else I have looked up.
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    RMI-25- Where to buy?

    All outlets I have looked at are out of stock. Does anyone know where to get a quart? Thanks