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    Another battery bites the dust...

    When I owned an 8th gen Accord I installed the battery from the V6 model. Might have been the 24F. That’s the size my 9th gen Accord V6 came with and the East Penn/Deka brand has outlasted the Johnson Control batteries. I’m on my 3rd battery with this car.
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    I get all the good ones......

    I have a Ford Fusion issue that I’d love to get in contact with you about!
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    Battery, oh my

    My dad has 2017 f150 xlt sport. Original AGM battery is still good
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    Griots 3 in 1 Ceramic Wax.

    This is the current condition of my car, winter sucks. There is a coat of Griot’s under that salt and I can’t wait to wash this car!
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    Prestone’s push to 10 year coolants

    I am somewhat curious to know if Prestone cor-guard is being bottled in everything and just the color is being changed. All the bottles claim 10 year protection with cor-guard.
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    Ford OLM - explain?

    My sisters 2011 fusion seemed to hit 0% at one year. Only about 5000 miles on the oil.
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    New Continental ExtremeContact DWS06 Plus

    Waiting for the regular DWS06 to be on clearance
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    Collapsed Engine Mounts

    Yup. Usually feel it sitting at stop light in drive. Just enough to be annoying.
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    Please rate this alignment! Car still pulls.

    Man that sucks. Care to share that TSB?
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    Can’t get rid of this spot

    I’d try to get Hyundai to buy you a new car.
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    FCA/Dodge Durango Blue NAV. Screen after shifting out of reverse

    It’s acting like the radio is not getting the command to exit the back up camera screen after you have shifted out of reverse. See at the top it still say “check surroundings.” Blue screen is no video input signal.
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    Please rate this alignment! Car still pulls.

    They need to get the camber centered up better. That would help some. Also adding a touch on negative camber to the right front wheel will help with a right pull. I’m talking about a touch more negative. May want to try a different alignment shop with some seasoned techs that know a little...
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    Collapsed Engine Mounts

    I’m going through the same thing with my V6 Accord that has 100K miles. All mounts look great but could be worn and I have replaced all except for the expensive pain in the butt rear engine mount.
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    Safelite ending their wholesale glass business.

    I wish the whole Safelite business would close. The glass and install is horrible.
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    Lincoln question

    That can be completely turned off with ForScan. I did that to my dads F150
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    Do you have a Favorite Battery Brand?

    East Penn / Deka. The JC batteries didn’t last long at all in my car.
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    Lincoln question

    My parents have a 2015 with the 2.3 and AWD. They have 100,000 miles and it’s been okay. The only major issue was the valve body in the trans had to be replaced at 55K. Other then that it’s been the annoying Ford issues like purge valve, auto fold mirrors not returning to correct position...
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    Attempting to swap the Jetta...

    And we’re painting another Atlas because of a chip on the doors from transport.
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    Attempting to swap the Jetta...

    Yes. They offered out a whopping 10% or was it 15%. It’s not like VW just said oh hey Greg, here is a brand new Jetta because you found a flaw in it 3 months after you bought it.