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    Does this mechanic have a clue?

    Buddy of mine has an 08 Acura TL like mine and just rolled 105 thousand miles. He ordered the Asian TKH--002 timing kit and a serpentine belt. So we went to this garage where a friend of mine recommended and he asked the mechanic what it would cost and to adjust the valves while he was doing the...
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    Breaking out the October beers!!!

    Coming from Berks County Pa. -- Victory brings out there Storm King this time of year. Victory Brewery is approximately 40 minutes from my house. So tasty and my girlfriend luvs Samuel Adams Octoberfest this time of year also. What are we divining on good BITOG peoples?
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    Seat Covers recommendation??

    My drivers side seat is starting to crack at places on my 2008 Acura TL in signature. What do use fine folk here at BITOG recommend for bucket seat covers for the front two seats. Car does have heated seats also.
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    When to replace fuel injectors?

    Acura TL in signature just rolled 117 thousand miles. Rock Auto sent me a link/email with there whole sale on parts for the Acura. They had remanufactured Beck/Arnley fuel injectors for 66% off regular price which brought them down to $11.63 a piece with no core charge. Anyways, I ordered 7 of...
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    How or where do you enter discount code for Rock Auto?

    Can someone please help me, cant find or figure out where you are able to apply the discount code for ordering online from Rock Auto?? Thanks, Dale
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    Lack of knowledge when running an Auto Parts store?

    Stopped in this morning to my local Advance Auto to hoard more of the Rotella Gas Truck Motor Oil that they have marked super low for the full synthetic oil. Asked for the manager -- pertaining -- picked up 10 single quarts on Sunday and they were already in a box waiting for me. I ordered...
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    Check engine light and loss of power!!

    Was with good friend of mine yesterday. Driving in his 2008 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L 119,xxx miles -- car bucked out of nowhere 3 times and check engine light came on immediately. He pulled over to the side of the road -- turned car off and checked all fluids which were all at proper full levels...
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    Not trusting orbital buffer -- dilemma ???

    Would like to clean up the Jetta in signature real nice for the wifey -- no matter how many videos I watch on buffing/polishing with an orbital buffer -- I do not trust myself overall. Would Meguiars rubbing compound work better then clay baring initially before waxing/sealant? Dale Ps. Hope...
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    Any decent lap tops for $200.00 or less?

    My tenant asked me what he could buy new for $200.00 or less on a lap top. I personally know nothing about lap tops. Never owned one and no interest in one for myself. Any help would be appreciated please. Dale
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    RISLONE High MIleage Engine Treatment ??

    Noticed on an earlier thread an individual used Motor Medic Motor Flush on his Cadillac and wanted to get feedback on RISLONE that I started the thread on. Even though I use good synthetic oil in my Ram in signature -- I would not mind adding this to the Crankcase for the last 1000 miles of my...
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    Adding 20W50 Mobil 1 V-TWIN for top off.

    Friend stopped over on this beautiful day here in Berks County Pennsylvania. Pulled into the driveway with his 2004 Galant 2.4L tapping away. I asked when was the last time he checked his oil -- "last month sometime" was his reply. Let it sit a good hour while drinking acouple cups of coffee...
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    Acura TL -- complete strut assembly!!!

    Acura in signature, has original OEM factory struts/shocks/springs -- would like to go with full strut assembly. What do use BITOGs fine folks recommend. Do not want something real cheap but neither do I want something mind boggling expensive. Please help me out. Would be for front and rear. Dale
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    What were your thoughts on WM Tech 2000 years ago?

    Sitting here thinking about how my friends and myself would make fun of our penny pinching good buddy back in the day for using WalMart Tech 2000 back in the middle/late 90s. Of course, that was wayyyyyyyy before my BITOG days. Now a days -- Super Tech is a go to oil for a plethora of people --...
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    What is the first album/tape/CD you ever purchased?

    My first album ever purchased was AC/DC -- "For Those About to Rock" in 1982 at 9 years old.
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    Can not see NOT using HIgh Mileage Oil !!!

    My 2008 Acura TL in signature does NOT use any oil in between oil changes normally 5 to 7 thousand mile intervals. Being it is 12 years old, my last oil change was with QSHM 5W20 and my current oil is Pennzoil Platinum Pure Plus High Mileage 0W20. Cant see why it wont be beneficial going that...
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    What are we doing with ourselves if were mandated to stay at home?

    Besides checking out BITOG more frequently -- what are we doing? I was laid off from my Welding job 3/20/20 due to lack of work from the Corona Virus. Now that I have been home and my county which I reside is on Mandatory stay at home. I have pressure washed the siding on my house, washed and...
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    What is the best kit for headlight renewal apperance/longevity?

    I know this question was asked multiple times in the past. Looking to do my headlights on the Acura here next week when the weather breaks. Where are we at with best kit to do headlights and longevity? Thanks, Dale
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    2000 Ram 4x4 wont idle??

    Yesterday I went out to start the Ram in signature, had the battery out and charged -- so it was ready to go. Started right up but unless I keep my foot on the accelerator -- wants to stall immediately. Last time I started the truck was probably first week of October and it ran fine. I dont let...
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    How to get sediment out of heater oil tank?

    Wondering how to remove sediment out of oil tank in basement? When there oil tank is run low and they get new oil put in -- sediment is clogging there lines. I know -- dont let it get that low in the first place right.