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    Why do Chicken Coops have 2 doors?

    Why do chicken coops have 2 doors? Cause if they had 4 they'd be chicken sedans
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    Most demanding gaming program?

    Is it safe to that a good flight simulator is probably the most demanding you can get for a gaming computer?
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    Remove NU Finish from black trim?

    I got some Nu Finish liquid not paste on the black rubber strips on the roof of the 2008 Corolla and the black plastic door handles. I have individually tried Armor All, varsol, and scrubbing with soap. It always comes back as a slightly white haze. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
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    Sodas not reducing sugar content?

    Sales for Soft Drinks/Sodas are down as people get more health wise. Artificial sweeteners are seen as questionable by many. Why not just reduce the sugar content by say 30% or more? Seems like a no brainer
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    Has not posted since Nov 20 2018. Hope he's ok
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    Movie Theaters Too Loud?

    Is it just us or have others noticed a jump in volume levels at movie theaters? We maybe be bringing earplugs to the next showing.
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    185/65 15 or 195/65 15

    Hello to everyone in BITOG Land I need new snow tires for the 2008 Corolla the recommended tire sizes are 185/65 15 or 195/65 15. I feel the 195 will give better winter grip yet I heard some talk that a narrower tire applies more weight per square inch and hence better grip. Any ideas? TIA
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    USS Forrestal question

    I have the greatest respect for the people who serve in the military and do not wish to second guess any of their decisions. These are brave and devoted good people. USS Forrestal fire July 1967, why did the pilots in the jets that were engulfed in flames on the deck not eject?
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    Wasabi Paste

    Many years ago we went to a Japanese restaurant the food was interesting and delicious. Then I learned the hard way that Wasabi paste is to be eaten in tiny amounts. That stuff was head snapping hot.
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    Why you need Rustproofing

    Rustproofing makes sense. <a class="lb-image-link" rel="shadowbox[318975a862c4a0baf6]" href="" title=""><img...
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    Filter Drain Tool

    What do you think of this guys oil filter drain tool? <a href="" target="_blank"></a> check out the "fantastic filter drain tool" Novel idea.
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    What solvent's best to clean AT pan of varnish?

    Going to do a AT pan off drain and fill on a 150,000 Km/94,000 Mi 2008 Corolla. What is a good solvent to quickly clean off the varnish in the pan? Thanks in advance.
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    Electric preshave

    Anyone use the preshave stuff for shaving with electric razors? Currently doubting the need for it as I have lately shaved without it and can't really notice a difference. Blade is my go to shave yet when time pressed I use the Braun electric.
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    Sealant for Air Pig

    I have a 5 Gallon Air Pig and I replaced the the valve assembly with an all brass one after the the red plastic tap handle on the original broke. Problem now though is it leaks at the fitting. I am using teflon tape on the threads. The original fitting had a dark gray cement looking sealant on...
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    Some of BITOGS best lines

    Sleddriver in response to a comment that he is lucky he can fix so many things. "While I am fortunate to do these things, luck had nothing to do with it"
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    Crude Oil at Historic Lows and 5W30 is High Priced

    Crude oil at lowest price in years and our motor oil seems to have not dropped a dime. Not nice.
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    Anyone keep loaf of bread bread in fridge?

    The lady of the house insists bread stays fresher in the fridge. I have seen some go past the best before date and not get stale. Is the bread box a leftover from the past years of Ice Boxes? They were not dry places for food like bread.
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    Motorist drives head on at cyclists

    Check this BBC story <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    Oil leak at crankshaft seal?

    2004 Corolla mystery oil leak. 255000 Km / 159000 Miles. It had a slow oil leak getting on to the serpentine belt and spreading it all about. Most concerning is the alternator is oil sprayed by the belt. Changed out the Timing Chain Tensioner oil ring and that did not stop it. Changed out the...
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    Keyboard hacked?

    I go to and as of last couple weeks my keyboard misses characters constantly at that site only. I run Kasperskey 2015 Internet Security and Windows Defender, no reported issues. Both are updated daily. Any tips?