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    06' V6 Accord 12,462 miles Penzoil Platinum 0W20

    Did this one a while ago, just neglected to post it here. More highway trips this time. At some point I had to replace a torn intake hose, plus reseal the oil pan using hondabond. I'm pretty sure the intake hose tore on my previous analysis, while the oil pan sealing happened this time around...
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    PP 0W-20 10,065 miles Accord V6 6MT

    19 months and 10,065 miles of use got me these results. According to average speeds from fillups, fuelly is saying I do 2/3 highway and 1/3 city driving. I usually drive at very low rpm except when accelerating, and I shut the engine off when I am going to be waiting at a stop light for more...
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    WIX 57002 Cut open

    WIX 57002 This filter came out of a Mazda CX-5 2.5 with an OCI of about 7500 miles. No obvious large metal flakes or media failure. Started cutting it open with a hacksaw a little above the seam, little did I know, I was cutting into the base! I got a little suspicious after about a 1/4" of...