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    How to plug this?

    I am planning to plug and shut off water supply to the fridge. What would be the plug nut size to do it and any idea if I can get it any big box store? Thank you
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    Kitchen Appliance Packages

    Looking to preemptively replace and update appliances from 2004. Is there any preferred brand like GE or Frigidaire, etc which is more robust and reliable for a rental house? Looking for a package for fridge, range and dishwasher, planning to check out Lowe's, HD, Best Buy and Costco. Is...
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    Trailer Tires

    So my existing trailer tires are ST175/80 D13 (B78-13) - can I swap them with 5.30 - 12 ones? 5.30 - 12, I am getting rims with tires, along with a spare and are in almost new condition than mine. From the pictures, hub pattern looks same but checking in case if anyone has any advise? Thank you
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    Home Owners - Hairline Settlement Cracks?

    As the title states, should I be concerned about these small hairline settlement cracks? Should I use some concrete or a caulk on them to cover it so that water doesn't get into it? Thank you for the help.
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    DOT Date Code for Shed Tires?

    Is it safe to use tires which were inside a shed , brand new and never used but a DOT date code of 2012? Thank you (y)
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    Honda Radiator Suggestion

    Might be looking at replacing radiator on Honda Pilot. Is there any suggestion or recommendation for Denso or TYC or anything else? (y)
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    BITOG OCD or All Good?

    So was changing VTM-4 fluid on rear differential of the pilot, but used the same hand pump which was used to change front transfer case(gear oil). Although I cleaned it up really well and tried to minimize a mix up, but some very small quantity of gear oil was still there in the lines - should...
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    Honda Pilot Transfer Case Gear Oil?

    So have some leftover original Mercedes 75W-85W laying around, can I use it in transfer case of Honda Pilot calling for SAE 80W-90, GL4/5? Thanks for the help and advise (y)
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    How to remove straw from car lock?

    So was lubricating a door lock on the car where key can be inserted manually to unlock the car using an extension straw. For some reason straw got stuck and broken inside the door luck, now when I try to insert the key, it's not going all the way. Is there a trick or a way to fix it? I know...
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    Honda VTM-4

    Have already purchased a gallon of VTM-4 from a dealer, after doing some initial search it looks like same as Honda ATF or PSF - proprietary one Is there any 'generic' replacement consensus on it? (y)
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    High Mileage Honda Pilot

    Anyone has thoughts on a 2006-2008 Honda Pilot with 250K miles, but all service history and in good looking condition. Timing belt and WP were replaced 30K-40K miles ago. Good cars or too high mileage and run? Appreciate the help (y)
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    Motorcycle Stuck Choke

    So one of the motorcycle has a stuck choke, while I investigate and look into it. Is there an option to start the motorcycle from cold start? As motorcycle does require a bit of choke in the beginning. Thank you :)
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    DOT3 vs DOT4 Brake Fluid

    There's a temperature difference between DOT3 and DOT4, but would there be any harm for any grandpa type of driving to use DOT3 instead of DOT4? Thanks for the help.
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    Fridge Issue

    So have this fridge FRS685EEW1 and it's not cooling anymore. Tested compressor starter capacitor it's good, compressor is running and both fans(compressor and evaporator) are running too. There's no ice on evaporator coils, does it mean compressor/gas is not good or could be some other issue...
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    Semiconductor Expert?

    I am trying to troubleshoot and replace a few LEDs on a taillight of Honda. Circuit board says: N27, as well as SA64845NZ27A and QPWG-N544 . It's a RED LED, can it give any pointers on the type to get from mouser or similar place? Thank you (y)
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    Honda Specialists?

    So have this thread:<a href="" target="_blank">Thread</a> Does seem like have to replace the whole assembly, does anyone here know what's the difference between Various MFR and TYC: <a...
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    2007 Accord Marker Light

    So failed the inspection because of the 'side marker light' out and whole light seems to be a single piece. Could anyone please confirm if one LED in the side marker area can be replaced or whole light assemble should be replaced? Thank you <a href=""...
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    Creativity Suggestions?

    So planning to replace a sight glass window for a bike master cylinder and seeing all fixes from penny to a quarter being used for it. While I order the right part, can anything be used for short term - like any plastic from a bottle or a broken glass or even a penny? Any other creative...
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    Fuel Hose or Tygon?

    Planning to replace a fuel hose on a motorcycle and looking for a 1/4" size, is tygon any better than 'black' hose? Looking for anything cheap and which can get the job done. Thank you <img src="/forums/graemlins/thumbsup2.gif" alt="thumbsup" title="thumbsup" height="18" width="25" />
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    Tie Down D Rings

    For a lighter motorcycle(less than 350-450lbs), which one would you suggest or something better as a floor tie-down option? Multiple reviews suggest people have successfully used for motorcycles: <a href=""...