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    Nissan 3.8L VQ Engine and 9 Speed Auto Transmission

    I thought Ford was having oil consumption problems with the 5.0 after they went with the PTWA
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    Nissan 3.8L VQ Engine and 9 Speed Auto Transmission

    Does anyone have any info on the new Nissan Frontier 3.8L, Direct Injection, V6 engine (3.8 VQ) and their 9 speed automatic transmission. Do they have cylinder sleeves or is it the plasma-transferred wire arc (PTWA) sprayed onto the cylinder bore? My daughter was wanting a new vehicle and...
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    Which brake pads for towing?

    I have installed the Raybestos Element 3 EHT pads on the front and rear with Bendix severe duty rotors. Seems to stop as well as the Bendix semimetallic severe duty pads but with no obnoxious dust. They might stop a little better but it is hard to tell.
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    Which brake pads for towing?

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by MParr</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Forget about the Power Stop products. The Bendix fleet brakes are pretty darn good for your application. You are not going to get good stopping performance out of ceramic pads. You...
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    Which brake pads for towing?

    I would guess the Motorcraft Super Duty pads are semi metallic. I looked on line and could not find much info. Called the local dealer and they were worthless
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    Which brake pads for towing?

    Trailer brakes are much better on the 12k trailer than on the truck. Brake controller adjusted properly and I try to go easy on the truck brakes because I know I will have to replace them again. I only how 1-2 times a year and about 60 miles then to my other property to bush hog
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    Which brake pads for towing?

    I am going to keep the Bendix MetLock Rotors as they are almost new with less than 5,000 miles on them. They seem like good rotors. I think there is several new formulations of pad materials but with the Covid outbreak getting in touch with someone at most companies is nearly impossible.
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    Which brake pads for towing?

    I have a 2008, F150, Crew Cab, 5.4L, 4X4, 6.5 ft bed, 78,000 miles. Weighs in around 6000 pounds. When I bought it the brakes sucked, brake dust was bad and it ate rotors. I up-graded (or so I thought) to the Wagner ThermoQuite semi metallic pads and rotors. No difference except the drake...
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    Waterproof Grease --Aluminum or Calcium Complex

    I am in need of a waterproof grease. Its only purpose is to provide a barrier to the intrusion of water. The application is Honda ATV brake hubs. The hubs are designed to use grease in grooves around and within circular flexible seals that rotate with the brake hub and are in contact with a...
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    15 Year/500,000 Mile Warranty???

    The 15 Year/500,000 Mile Warranty had no charge FREE for just letting them service your ride. I do not think we will use it but was curious. We have 3 free oil changes from the dealership because the wife registered her F150 with the FORD PASS app. Those 3 free oil changes will give her...
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    15 Year/500,000 Mile Warranty???

    Local dealer offers a 15 Year/500,000 Mile Warranty which guarantees your Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle System, Seals, Gaskets, and Internally Lubricated Parts for 15 Years / 500,000 Miles Details are--- 15 Years from vehicle manufacture date or 500,000 Miles on vehicle odometer, whichever...
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    Student laptop needed.

    Had better check with the University and the Electrical Engineering Department. My son is in Mechanical Engineering and the computer he needed had to be able to run Solid Works. Specific processor, specific video card, specific amount of RAM, Specific hard drives… Got him one that was a...
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    Thinking of getting a cat

    American Polydactyl
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    Camry, Accord, Altima, or Taurus

    My daughter is 21 in her last year of nursing school. She can drive well and navigates Lexington KY. She drives a 2009 Ford Focus and it is well worn. Yes, it is my money but will be her car. I do not plan on dropping $$$ for something stupid, unreliable, or has no close dealership no...
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    Camry, Accord, Altima, or Taurus

    Looking for a mid-sized car for my daughter. Doesn't have to be new but under 20,000 miles would be great. I am considering the following (Camry, Accord, Altima, and possibly a Taurus). The Taurus probably has the lowest MPG and longevity but cost the same as the others. These are the...
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    Important (urgent) question about coolant for Kubota B2620 diesel.

    Kubota Coolant is a Ethylene Glycol-based phosphate coolant for Kubota Engines. Its formula consists of unique characteristics to meet Asian vehicle application and does not contain any silicate, borate, nitrite, etc that can cause problems in the cooling system. The FINAL CHARGE you have...
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    Adding Fluid to Sealed Cub Cadet Hydrostatic Trans

    On top of the transaxle there will be a plug that accepts an alen wrench. You can add fluid through the plug. Should require a 20W-50 oil.
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    Cold cranking amps?

    How can two identically sized batteries have different cold cranking amps? I need a new battery for my Honda atv. Yuasa offers two batteries. Both are identical I size. The standard battery offers 200 cca while the high performance battery offers 240 cca. What factor would account for the...
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    Ethylene Glycol Long Life Coolant for KUBOTA

    Well…. It turns out that PEAK and PEAK FINAL CHARGE is only nitrite free and not recommended for my tractor per the technician at PEAK He said to use the ASAIN formula and hope for the best as it was not heavy duty. Valvoline recommended the ZEREX EXTENDED LIFE NITRITE FREE but no one around...
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    Parts guy

    Rat--- Explain this to me, as this happened at my local ford dealer the other day. I wondered if it was the dealership or the parts guy being greedy: My daughters car (focus) needed an engine mount. Found an OEM one online from a Ford dealer for $96 shipped to me. Aftermarket is $36 but...