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    America's Cup.

    Unfortunately American Magic Lost the first race to England
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    Walmart EverStart Maxx 700 Amp Jump Box $25

    I just picked up the last one at my local Walmart in Newport RI. Except for my daughters Grand Cherokee with the Hemi, everything else in the family are 4 or 6 cyl.
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    Tire Repair Kit

    I certainly don't see my wife plugging a tire any time of year or putting up with a fullsize spare in the cargo area. She could call AAA but what can they can do with out a spare ?
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    Tire Repair Kit

    My wifes Audi Q7 did not come with a spare tire nor is there room for one in the rear. Given that I just put snows on her car and they aren't run flats, I'm thinking about getting her one of tire repair kits so at least she can get home with out too much hassle if she gets a flat. I was looking...
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    Any standalone GPS users here still?

    I have an older Garmin GPS with free Lifetime map updates. I use it a few times a year when I travel and get a rental car w/o GPS. I've also used when rented a truck to help my daughter move.
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    Shell Rotella Gas Truck Prime Day Sale 0W-20 , 5W-20 , 5W-30

    If you want Shell RGT get it now! Many of the AAP i've stopped in are sold out in the RI and Southern MA . Especially the smaller stores
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    OIL UDDER - Now on Amazon PRIME with 20% off

    Never heard of this before. Might try it
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    First oil filter you ever bought

    Fairly sure it was an orange Fram filter purchased from K-Mart for my 1979 Bronco
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    End of an era for British Airways.

    After visiting my daughter in Berlin, I was flying back to Boston on BA thru Heathrow. There was an equipment change for the Heathrow to Boston leg and fortunately it switched to a 747. I had a feeling then it might be my last flight on a 747 and it appears that I was right. Great Experience!
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    Douglas A1 Skyraiders

    Always liked the Skyrsiders. Used by both the Navy and the Air Force in many different roles. Probably one of the last piston powered attack aircraft.
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    Cal Fire Air Attack

    very interesting article
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    Opened Oil Question

    I would think at least a couple of years. I would be sure to shake it before adding to a vehicle.
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    Road Trip Items to Bring?

    I would check your lugnuts and make sure they are not overtightened and you can get them off with the factory lug wrench. I usually bring a breaker bar and socket to fit the factory lugs. On a new vehicle the most likely problem will be tire related. Have fun!
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    Looking for light cordless drill

    Milwaukee M12 is excellent . I use mine all the time
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    Anyone else leary of washing Microfiber in their washing machine?

    I've been washing my MF towels for years with no problems. If they are very dirty I'll spray the stain with APC and soak them for a day or two in a 5-gal pail. Wash them with Hot water on the extra rinse recycle, then dry at the lowest temp on the dryer. No fabric softener or dryer sheets.
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    Is there such a thing as a decent quality license plate bolt?

    I had a LP bolt rust and then snap off on wifes Toyota. I had to drill it out and then use a remover to extract it. Thought it would be a 5 min job. Over an hour later its done.
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    Domestic passenger car production?

    As the fuel economy has improved in trucks and crossovers, they have become a more viable alternative to cars. Also people like the addtional room that crossovers have and the better visibilty due to the higher ride height. I would agree that there is still a market for traditonal cars.
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    Beginner tool Set

    I don't have much experience with Tekton. I'll check them out. thanks
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    Beginner tool Set

    I thought the same thing but as I owe him a graduation gift, I thought a tool set would be nice. Maybe with a set of tools he'll learn to do some work on this own vehicle.
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    Beginner tool Set

    My god-son is getting his first car soon and I'd like to get him a quality tool set that he can carry in the vehicle with him. I considered making up a set but would prefer to buy him a set that's already assembled. I thought about a Craftsman set but I've read the quality is way down recently...