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    Redline 5W-30 5,000 miles

    I agree with OVERKILL. Overly high moly rates are not needed after a certain point. Akin to doing 3k oci's with a quality synthetic, nothing to be gained.
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    Who changes filters between oil changes

    Still don't get it. 99% of us here use a quality synthetic so how does it make flexible?
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    Redline 5W-30 5,000 miles

    Not a fan of oodles of moly is all. What purpose does excess amounts of it serve?
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    Who changes filters between oil changes

    I don't understand the flexibility part. How does an oem filter give you flexibility?
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    Redline 5W-30 5,000 miles

    What's in this oil that would make it clean any better than another brand? Sounds like the ticking may be solved by the moly content. Probably other options to get rid of the tick than by using Redline. Not saying moly's not good but sometimes too much of anything...
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    Conventional oil = semi synthetic?

    I think AutoMechanic is a young kid out of trade school. IIRC he likes STP oil treatment and carburetors over fuel injection. Well, to each his own... I guess?
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    Regrettable dealership experience from someone who rarely complains

    What kind of 65 year old lady brings in their own oil? It might have even freaked out the SW seeing she still had a half dozen freebies left.
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    What do you really think Fuel system cleaners are for?

    If you are using top tier fuel, it seems like a real waste of hard earned $ to use it every fill-up. Try using it less than you are right now and see if upon inspection your stuff is just as clean. If it is then reduce again till you find the "sweet spot", but I'm pretty sure right now you're...
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    Wrist Watch / Timepiece

    Personally I would avoid the mid-range swiss like Tissot or say Raymond Weil. Check out some watch sites like Worn and Wound they'll tell you the same. I would lean more towards an entry level Seiko automatic or the Presage line you were thinking of. Orient is also quite good.
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    Considering buying this car as well

    Tire replacement?
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    Certified oils

    Car 54 where are you?
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    Adding Oil To An Amsoil OCI

    I'd say the cost of a complete oil change with 7 qts.of Amsoil SS and a premium oil filter is probably double what a UOA costs.
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    Looking For an Oil for 2007 Prius

    You want to keep costs down but you want a premium filter? You could use that filter for two oci's, that would cut the costs down. Any certified synthetic Walmart brand or major brand in the proper grade will be absolutely fine.
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    Another Copart thread- why a Epic Vin report is worth the $6

    So how can that be good? Also after the initial purchase from the IC the next vendor would be a private buyer because he's reselling. I'm confused, no experience with auto auctions. Thanks.
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    Another Copart thread- why a Epic Vin report is worth the $6

    Please forgive my ignorance but if the vendor is an insurance company would this be good or bad?🤔
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    Another Copart thread- why a Epic Vin report is worth the $6

    If this is the case then how would we ever know if we're actually buying a genuine AMG? Would the VIN reveal that or do we have to dig deeper?
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    Amsoil Signature vs OE?

    I don't believe Signature Series ATF or any other of their transmission fluids are certified, recommended for only!