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  1. Zee09

    BRK.A Stock

    It is down a bit today. Looks promising. BRK.A
  2. Zee09

    Vacation House Rental

    Going to rent a house for a week in Florida. New area I am unfamiliar with. Honestly would you scan it for cameras or listening devices right away? I'd like to think it is unnecessary but past experiences dictate otherwise.
  3. Zee09

    Truck Stop Honey Hole

    Gas went up here over T'day Most stations are $2.39 for 87 octane Found a truck stop in my area and I'm hitting it daily- lol It is huge but you pull in and the trucks go to the left, cars to the right. Mobil gas $2.09 and absolutely no one there. I could sleep at the pumps and not see anybody-...
  4. Zee09

    Horn Blowers Beware

    I don't like horn blowing unless it is necessary because you may get a bullet. You know the drivers that hit the horn instantly as the light is turning green... Yeah them. Well I just had a rare occurrence for me. I blew my horn 35 minutes ago and endured a complete fiasco... Yeah a real...
  5. Zee09

    Dealership Moments- When You Know You Won't be Back!

    Looked at a Toyota Tundra CC a few years back. I being dumb hand picked my salesperson from their website. I figured the old gent looked like a nice chap :) Got tired of just getting whomever. Truck was nice but this dealership only wants 105% of retail. So I told him I was going to think on...
  6. Zee09

    Oh No 2020 F350 6.7

    Just left the post office where I was admiring a 2020 F350 6.7L Lariat CC. Still has temp tags on it............ A 70+ year old woman gets in her white Buick and backs straight into both doors of the F350 Messes them up rather badly- looks at me with a gaze and burns off leaving. Yeah really...
  7. Zee09

    Nice Work On The Forum-PM

    Easy to send pictures via PM here- nice! Well done!
  8. Zee09

    Northern Dynasty Minerals- NAK- Stock Market

    I was day trading this to death on a daily basis for several weeks. I was very lucky as the day the bad news came out I flipped my shares for .8702 and the high was .8707. I had to wait for two days on this deal as I usually flipped it several times a day. The day I sold mine I let it rest...
  9. Zee09

    225/55R18 Tires

    Looking for a set of safe and good quality tires that won't break the bank for a CUV I'm selling it and it does need fresh rubber Thanks 225/55R18 Like to stay under $600 mounted and balanced on all four
  10. Zee09

    MicroGreen oil Filters

    Looks like nobody is going to buy them out or carry on the line. Just wondering?????? Have some left- they used to do great deals for regular customers. Was more of something to test for me. Nothing more to it.
  11. Zee09

    Tractor Supply And Dogs

    Sitting in my car across from TS. Now. Watching all the dogs going in. Dogs love to shop too. 🐺 I don't go to TS. Often so I did not know you could take your pets in. I like it myself.
  12. Zee09

    Privacy- Many Here Worry About It. ( Credit Agencies )

    I just checked my credit scores and what do the privacy hawks here think about what they do? ( Credit Agencies) If I could I'd live a "cash only" life but that is about impossible these days especially if you run a business etc.
  13. Zee09

    Pick My Oil- Oh No!

    Looking for some fun here but be serious please. 2020 F250 7.3L takes 5w30 SN+ First oil change- Using a Fram Ultra Have access to or already have about every oil here already. What oil would you use and why. Eastern MD- rarely if ever gets below 0 degrees F. ( Usually 20-30's) Tows- try not to...
  14. Zee09

    Most Expensive Gas Brands

    Here Sunoco is always the highest all the time.
  15. Zee09


    I guess I'm lucky as I always had a washer-dryer My cousin just moved into a new place and the appliances were not what they were said to be. long story short she told me what a laundromat cost to use these days and it was outrageous. I had no clue. And rampant stealing of clothes.
  16. Zee09

    Inappropriate Or Not?

    Do you think it is inappropriate to cut and paste a private message on here that was sent to you without first asking the sender if it is okay to do so?
  17. Zee09

    Ford Dual Alternators

    On new F250 In case someone has never seen the setup. Had the picture so why not?
  18. Zee09

    GoPro- Who Got In On This?

    Was $5.85 a share a few days ago. Just hit $8.20 Wow!
  19. Zee09

    Anybody Running 1 GBPS At Home?

    Its like $20 more a month over 300 Mbps I use my internet for a home business and dumped Cable so I stream etc. The local supplier has the tiers setup so you want to bump up Like it's $10 more from 150-300 mbps
  20. Zee09

    Calcium Score Test

    How many have had one done and how often do you get them? I'm getting one done as it seems to be the best predictor of your hearts overall condition. Most docs want to run you through the test mill and don't even talk much about this scan.