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  1. Shannow

    Solar Pathway Light - Reliabilty

    Only alkaline that I've ever had explode when recharged are duracells...usually on the discharge cycle after a single charge...there are plenty of alkaline rechargers, PLUS rechargable alkalines. Plain Jane "Varta" I can charge 4 times... With the solar lights, I put a second hand recharged...
  2. Shannow

    Took son to the range today.

    Doubt was one of my best days (well a couple, we went a few times). Since Christmas I've had 23 minutes with him, bar five sentences when I ran into him at the mall, and he turned on his heel.
  3. Shannow

    Don't recall ever seeing this in the wild...Ampol Fricion Modified Oil

    Wasn't for sale at a rummage sale, but was eventually for sale...hmm oil paraphernalia...must be in a good place
  4. Shannow

    More chargers for EVs

    We've got a couple in the carpark at the power station enar the visitor's centre (and public BBQ area that we provide, and the lcoal workman's club has a couple...will got and have a look see what they are...
  5. Shannow

    Shannow MIA

    Oz system is only cares under whose roof the kids stay. I checked with them, that if a parent has 100% custody, and court orders (not my case), and the other witholds the kids, the Child support will chase the legit parent for payment, as they aren't under their roof, in spite of...
  6. Shannow

    Youth .22LR ?

    REally, you can't go wrong with CZ... I took my son out the range in better Kriko (too heavy, but it is what it is, I got it for 15th birthday), my 1967 Brno (Brno Factory, CZ), and Rossi break action. I think forteaching a newbie, the Rossi is great...but still can't beat a Brno...
  7. Shannow

    Calcium Score Test

    Research Vit K2...helps the body put the calcium where it needs to be. Not medical advice, healthy diet advice.
  8. Shannow

    Post a favorite animal

    I did some journey work late last year (yes, have travelled strange places during the last 18 months) to find my spirit animal... Came out with the Honey Badger, and left me wondering well I've heard of it...what IS it ? Did the research, and it works...
  9. Shannow

    What are you listening to right now?

    Become a massive Omnia fan over the last year and a bit...
  10. Shannow

    Shannow MIA

    Yep....October 3rd last year the CHild Support Agency rang, treated me like a deadbeat, as I had "failed to provide any primary care for the 8 weeks since they moved primary care, it means nights slept in the house...factually correct, but a manufactured circumstance...still haven't...
  11. Shannow

    Shannow MIA

    That's just Oz child support annual your tax, the computer does the numbers, and they take it out of your pay...
  12. Shannow

    Shannow MIA

    Nope, a handle that I've used forever (was Logan in the early Shooter's Online forums before Wolverine became "popular")
  13. Shannow

    Shannow MIA

    Hi Guys...userfriendly alerted me to this thread. I appreciate it...and have been gone too long...will get into the PMs, apologies, that was slack. If I think critically (I'm pretty good at that), the forum change was just something that triggered a "too hard" spot in my psyche at the time...
  14. Shannow

    Need a New Frig

    Frig/Freya...the Norse deities are pretty cool...
  15. Shannow

    Online dating

    LOL...mixes results...haven't made it to meeting anybody yet, but some messaging... But....over analytical...the people that are inviting you to be with them are's an online persona that they have made up, and as others have said have old photos, or have had filters applied... I can...
  16. Shannow

    Please Read: BITOG forums migrating to Xenforo

    glad I saw the thread and changed my 20 year old email addy...
  17. Shannow

    Need a winter project?

    Grab it anyway...
  18. Shannow

    Anybody near Tombstone or Bisbee,Az?

    Tombstone...I'd go there again... 2014, the guy who ran the indoor range heard the accents and stated that his name was Kevin Rudd...I reached into my backpack, and pulled out a ten pack of teabags...brewed by our former prime minister Kevin Rudd...synchronicity. It was a good day...I should...
  19. Shannow

    Jerusalem Artichokes.

    Really good, and healthy....
  20. Shannow

    Worst relationship you've ever been in

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by Lolvoguy</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by CincyDavid</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I was told once that the key to a happy marriage is apathy...