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  1. eljefino

    What are your thoughts on 'Truecar' price quotes?

    Got my wife's Prius with a truecar referral. Used the only dealer that shot me a price, instead of saying, hey come on down and we'll talk. "Felt" like it was a good price, $4100 off MSRP with $750 worth of floormats and junk thrown in for free but that's what they always want you to feel...
  2. eljefino

    JT20's running Infiniti J30 condition assessment and maintenance thread

    Could the radio not working be a theft lock? I expect it would read "LOC" on the display if that were the case. This may have been triggered by a battery change somewhere over the car's history.
  3. eljefino

    06 Civic, Bad Catalytic Converter?

    Rattling could be a heat shield or the guts of the cat. Go underneath and tug/ knock on stuff until you find it. OE cats are worth several hundred bucks in scrap, so if you get a cheapo aftermarket and put it in yourself you could be ahead of the game. You have the manifold-cat? Here's a new...
  4. eljefino

    JT20's running Infiniti J30 condition assessment and maintenance thread

    Nissan aren't going to reengineer an idler pulley or hood prop strut when there are off-the-shelf parts that will do the job. Maybe the idler pulley bracket but the rib spacing etc is an industry standard.
  5. eljefino

    JT20's running Infiniti J30 condition assessment and maintenance thread

    Yeah, this. Measure the bearing in millimeters and get a new one on ebay or through amazon. A 6203 will be 17 x 40 x 12mm. Existing bearing may even have numbers on it somewhere. Put the idler on two blocks of wood, line up a 20-something mm socket on the bearing part, and knock it out with...
  6. eljefino

    cheaper car insurance?

    For my liability only insurance, I shop on price. If people can't avoid me, they can deal with the fallout.
  7. eljefino

    Spotted in the wild

    Thanks for the Crown Vic for scale in the 2nd pic.
  8. eljefino

    Finding a break in an electrical cord?

    You could plug the item in, turn it "on", and massage the cord. If you make temporary contact it might try to power up. Watch for flickering lights on the same circuit. Odds are the break is near the plug, so you could cut it a foot shorter and wire up a new plug. But then if it wore out in...
  9. eljefino

    Stem True recoil rope True Blue vs Solid Core ?

    I never knew they made this stuff. I use 550 paracord or old clothesline. Dollar tree sells 50 feet of nylon rope for a buck, that would work fine too.
  10. eljefino

    Brake line tube nuts question

    Consider potential next moves: You've installed nicopp line with ordinary steel tube nuts. Now what? Wait 10-15 years and they'll rust. So? The lines won't rust, so you don't need to replace them. The rubber hose you've connected to might fail somehow, but, it, too, has ordinary steel...
  11. eljefino

    Thinking buying 2007-2014 Silverado 1500 or Tahoe

    I have an 08, gawd what a money pit. Still the nicest truck I've ever had. 4.8, 2wd, 4L60E, reg cab, long bed, W/T trim. 240k miles. Charged up the AC, it worked for a day. Haven't looked into further. Fuel and tranny cooler lines rotted out. Rear fender rust starter dragging dash goes...
  12. eljefino

    JT20's running Infiniti J30 condition assessment and maintenance thread

    Get rid of the battery charger! You charged it once. It's good. You need to get all systems up to snuff, not just the ones you understand. The charger is serving as a distraction with your multi-tasking personality. Access to the AC compressor may be easier from underneath the bumper...
  13. eljefino

    Do tire shops need to clean wheels before sticking balancing weights on them?

    We used to use Varsol to clean these surfaces. Got to "massage" a strip of weights, too, to get them to fit the concavity correctly. I've left adhesive behind. Got paid flat rate working at a discount tire shop. Nearly every tire shop is a "discount" tire shop, so cosmetics often get a back...
  14. eljefino

    Battery Charger Testing Results

    I doubt this highly... their marketing department, for one, wouldn't tolerate this, it would be labelled as 20. Your data on the 2-amp model shows a max of 2 amps. Or are you thinking of a pulse width on the order of undetectable milliseconds?
  15. eljefino

    can I get away 15mm of lower offset (.59 inches) without any evil effects?

    Yeah you should be ok, especially if you don't go super-low profile or use super-sticky rubber.
  16. eljefino

    Mistakes made while replacing water pump (still leaking around it)...

    Not all water pump gaskets are the same. I've had cheezy paper ones that wouldn't handle a .005" scratch and I've had others that were like a tire rope plug-- thick and tacky/gooey. Obviously I like those with a little "give". I'd ask the parts store guy to see multiple brands if he has them...
  17. eljefino

    Toyota Yaris badly overheated - any hope?

    That engine is warped to smithereens. Don't disassemble, it's not worth it. If the head's warped the cams won't spin smoothly, just a never ending nightmare. Shoot this horse. About the only saving grace would be if it's not rusty, then you could get a low mileage rusted out one, drop the...
  18. eljefino

    Speed bump installation on gravel road, does it certainly stop determined speeders?

    There's got to be a way the town you're in, or authority with jurisdiction, can require you and your neighbors to honor the road maintenance contract. Maybe they can get a court order to fix the road in 30 days or they'll do it and bill everyone, put liens on property, etc. As for the speed...
  19. eljefino

    JT20's running Infiniti J30 condition assessment and maintenance thread

    You've never had this level of self-introspection before.
  20. eljefino

    My new car.

    You're correct, I forgot 2020 actually ended. :cool: