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  1. Skippy722

    2019 Ram 1500 Classic 10k update

    Just hit 10k, figured I’d do a little update. Cons: Not a fan of the OEM Goodyear Wrangler SR-A’s in the snow or even really the rain, but they’re not as bad as I thought they’d be. Loose piece of weatherstripping up on the roof, minor annoyance and doesn’t actually do any sealing, will have...
  2. Skippy722

    Ram 1500 Classic tire choice

    I have been warned that the OEM tires that came on my ram are less than stellar in snow... so I am looking for a decent AT tire. The Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 looks like they fit the bill but I’d like some first hand experience from y’all, or are there better options? The G015’s do carry a...
  3. Skippy722

    Softened water smell

    I’m new to well water, never had a softener before. We have a Kinetico water softener at our house. But I accidentally let it run out of salt, no big deal just add more, but I’ve noticed that the water no longer has a sulfury/rotten egg smell. It would smell god awful if it started a regen. Like...
  4. Skippy722

    Zero turn recommendations for hilly yard

    We’re going to be in the market for a new mower, the old 2005’ish Craftsman DGT6000 with a 48” deck is starting to nickel and dime us. We have 2.1 acres to mow with a couple of hills. What should I be looking for? The Toro’s with suspension look nice, and I think Ferris had some with...
  5. Skippy722

    Parents new car

    My mom has been trying to talk my dad into getting rid of the 2006 Galant as it’s been stalling and rusting apart, and she wants him to drive something safer with AWD for all the snow they’ll be getting since moving. She initially sent me a list with a few trucks, a few Cherokee’s, and a Journey...
  6. Skippy722


    Can confirm.
  7. Skippy722

    16 year old garage door opener

    Another one bites the dust! Plastic gear broke right half in 2. Sticker said it was made July 2004... replaced it with a Genie that has a battery backup from Lowe’s.
  8. Skippy722

    New WiFi router

    Current router is a Netgear AX4/AX3000/RAX35, and lately it’s been giving me issues. Refusing to connect to the internet, showing that WiFi is enabled via the led on the router but is not actually showing up on any devices, can’t support a 4K YouTube stream despite having 100Mbps internet, etc...
  9. Skippy722

    New pup

    I grew up with dogs, haven't had one since I moved out of my parents house a few years ago... so today we got this adorable little guy, an English Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix. We named him Blue <img src="/forums/graemlins/LOL.gif" alt="LOL" title="LOL" height="19" width="15" /> <img...
  10. Skippy722

    5.7 HEMI Lifter/cam failure cause

    Saw this on YouTube, probably the best explanation I've seen on this issue so far. Thoughts from people smarter than I? I wonder if it's ultimately due to the changes they did when they added VCT, as I don't really remember there being issues with pre-2009 hemi's. <div...
  11. Skippy722

    2019 Ram 1500 Classic

    Picked it up today! It's a tradesman, Granite crystal metallic paint, 4x4, crew cab short bed, limited slip diff, and that's about it, just what I wanted. Much quieter in the cab than I was expecting. So far I love it!
  12. Skippy722

    Saved from the scrap heap

    Found this micro dell in the scrap bin... okay I found 3 but one was rough and the i7 one seems to have shorted out and destroyed the CPU, so I took its ram, gave myself a little project with this little i5-4590T. $50 for a 120gb SSD and power supply, $40 for a keyboard+mouse and thermal...
  13. Skippy722

    2018 Grand Caravan GT 1 year review

    Bought about this ex rental about this time last year, put about 12k on it since then, now at 57,500. <span style="font-weight: bold">The good</span>: Stow n go is amazing. This thing has storage FOR DAYS! No one told me the middle row could slide forward and backward, which was mind blowing...
  14. Skippy722

    Accident damage... What would you do?

    I'm torn between just letting insurance handle it, but I really don't want my rates to go up, slapping some paint so the metal doesn't rust and fixing the tail light myself while leaving the dent, or sucking it up and paying out of pocket. Which would you do? There are some scrape marks on the...
  15. Skippy722

    2020 Toyota Highlander

    I can't believe I'm saying this.... but I kind of like it. The lower trim levels with the silver and matte interior looks a little chintzy to me though. But overall both interior and exterior styling looks pretty good IMO. Thoughts? <div class="video-container"><iframe frameborder="0"...
  16. Skippy722

    Late night shenanigans. Garage organization and lighting ideas.

    Anyone else work graveyard/3rd shift/some other goofy schedule that puts you at the polar opposite of the rest of the world? 4pm-4am here, tried doing the whole "change your sleep schedule when you're off thing" and it was truly miserable, so I keep the same schedule when I'm off. Anyway...
  17. Skippy722

    Altimax RT43 snow review

    Put the RT43's on the 300 about 2,000 miles ago, have been generally impressed with them. They are the 245/45r20 V speed rated and the 300 is RWD. The county we moved to seems to operate on a "we'll deal with the snowy roads when it stops snowing" mentality, which is 100% fine with me...
  18. Skippy722

    So you need a new engine?

    A friend shared this on FB, so I can't take credit. <img src="/forums/graemlins/crackmeup2.gif" alt="crackmeup" title="crackmeup" height="27" width="29" /> General Motors: Oh you need an engine? Pick any from a junkyard, from a vaguely similar car or truck within 10 years of yours. Everything...
  19. Skippy722

    Home networking

    I've been given free range to handle all tech related stuff at the new house... internet is at or above 75mbps, at least that's what I can pull from WiFi on my Xbox. I asked our landlord who just gave me a blank stare for a second then said "uh... the fastest one!" Everything is routed into...
  20. Skippy722

    Home selling/buying anxiety

    I'm sure my house I'm currently selling is fine, but man I am freaking out! Buyer is doing a home inspection today (Friday) while I'm at work. Next house will be our "forever" house for sure, I can't do this again.