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  1. Skippy722

    Longest you’ve seen someone go on a set of spark plugs

    95k on the factory copper plugs of my parents 2007 Caliber, changed due to a misfire from the huge gap.
  2. Skippy722

    Cord cutter

    We ditched DirecTV a few years ago and went strictly streaming and couldn’t be happier. If I’m paying for a service, I don’t want ads, or the ridiculous “sports network” fees from the local channels I can otherwise pick up for free if I had a desire to watch sports. We also have YouTube...
  3. Skippy722

    Selecting New IMac

    If you compare a MacBook Pro vs a similar Windows machine, the price isn’t that far off. I just priced out an otherwise equivalent Thinkpad (backlit keyboard, 13.3”, 16gb Ram, 512gb SSD) and it came out to $2,219 but has a far superior GPU. The cheaper ThinkPad E15 with otherwise equivalent...
  4. Skippy722

    W8 Passat wagon now in my garage...gulp....

    Yep. There is also the W12, still used in Bentley’s. The VW looks and sounds great!
  5. Skippy722

    Got a plain thermostat or a fancy one in your house?

    Huh? All the disconnects I’ve seen required a control box connected directly to the AC unit outside. Didn’t affect how the air handler inside operated one bit.
  6. Skippy722

    Got a plain thermostat or a fancy one in your house?

    Our house came with a Nest. I wouldn’t have shelled out the money for one before having it but I do really like it. I have the auto learn feature disabled though.
  7. Skippy722

    Selecting New IMac

    The M1 Mac mini’s yeah, everything is pretty much on the M1 chip. You can still upgrade the Ram on Intel Mac mini’s.
  8. Skippy722

    People born in the wrong decade

    Born too late to enjoy the space race.... born too early to explore the rest of the universe.
  9. Skippy722

    Carmax new 30 day return policy. What the catch?

    “As long as the condition is consistent with when you purchased it and you’ve driven fewer than 1500 miles since your purchase, you can bring it back within 30 days and we’ll help you complete your return. Any refunds due back are typically mailed within 2 weeks of your return date.” It would...
  10. Skippy722

    Hobbies that are indoors and don't involve TV screens or computers?

    You’d need a computer with a decent graphics card or a PS4 with the PlayStation VR kit. If you don’t already have a decent gaming PC, I’d go the PS4/PS4 Pro route as you have a better chance of winning the lottery right now than picking up a graphics card. The PS VR kit is running about $500 on...
  11. Skippy722

    Dealer still getting 2020 model MX5 Miata's??

    From what I’ve seen, all they changed were the available leather color options, a new blue color, and made Android Auto/Apple CarPlay standard equipment.
  12. Skippy722

    Hobbies that are indoors and don't involve TV screens or computers?

    It kind of violates the whole “no screens or computers” rule but I’d LOVE to get into VR. Beat Saber looks super fun, and from what people say it can be quite the workout.
  13. Skippy722

    Carmax new 30 day return policy. What the catch?

    Carmax>any dealer when buying a used car. You can walk the lot without a sales person, there’s absolutely no pressure to buy anything, no one is forcing warranties or anything down your throat, and the price on the sticker is exactly what you’re paying. Got in and out in 2 hours when we traded...
  14. Skippy722

    Am i the only one really disliking SUVs?

    Manufacturers do not really care what people buying used vehicles are buying. Your example is also the exception, not the norm. Average age of a vehicle in the US is 11.9 years, that’s the 2008 model year.
  15. Skippy722

    What're your home thermostat settings?

    My wife and I can’t agree on a temp.... she wants it 55F-60F year round, I’d be quite happy with 75-78. So we compromise and it spends most of the day at 65F in the winter and 75F in the summer. I’ll get a bit chilly and crank it up to 68-69, which usually gets me a “can you please turn down the...
  16. Skippy722

    if your kid wanted to put in a camera system to watch you, what would you think?

    I’d like to think as an old person I’d be utterly ridiculous about the cameras. Use it as a mirror to pick my nose, walk around in a birthday suit, randomly give the cameras the bird... 😂
  17. Skippy722

    Modem? Router?

    A few more thoughts... The modem should self configure, mine has no options other than to force a reboot. If you go with an Asus router, the Quick Internet Setup (upper left) is pretty easy to use. I really like this router, mine is in the basement level of my tri-level house under the...
  18. Skippy722

    Modem? Router?

    Assuming cable... you’ll have a power cord and the coax cable going into the modem, and an Ethernet coming out of the modem and going into the router. You should then set up the router just so it isn’t using the factory WiFi name and password. You may also need to call your internet provider...
  19. Skippy722

    Ideal Instrument Panel

    This is the perfect mix of analogue and digital IMO. Gets dark enough for me at night (which is almost off) but is also bright enough to read in broad daylight. Vehicle info gives me coolant, trans and oil temp as well as oil PSI in both individual gauge form as well as a summary page. It also...
  20. Skippy722

    Finally ditching Comcast... for the lesser of two evil's

    Subscribers? No way. Executives and share holders? Most definitely.