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    Queen's Gambit

    Anyone watch Queen's Gambit? It's a pretty good show. I like how Garry Kasparov was an adviser, he's a grandmaster who was a former world champion. Anyway the games are set up pretty nicely. Mentions a lot of the typical openings and gets more exotic as the show progresses. There's some good...
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    Auto insurance rate cut

    Did you get a discount on your auto insurance? Major insurers like Allstate, Geico and Liberty Mutual just agreed to cut rates 15%. <a href=""...
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    Milwaukee 2767-20 Impact Wrench

    Only a little time left today. Not as good as the last time but $211.65 for the impact wrench and the 4 amp hour battery instead of the 5. I plan to use mine on some anode rods. It's 1400 foot pounds of loosening torque. <a...
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    Iran 737 Crash

    Surprised no one has mentioned it yet. How about some wild speculation as to what caused the crash? Current one is that it might have been attacked. New plane, experienced pilots, not too many good options out there. Also bird strike was a possibility, but it made it to 8000 feet so they...
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    Need Spring Compressor OTC 6494?

    Need a spring compressor for my Mercedes, no quick struts so I need to buy the OEM springs. Don't really trust those hook compressors, the OTC is a little pricey though a tad under $200. Any other suggestions? This is for a 2008/2011 E350.
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    Safety First?

    Well hope this doesn't turn into politics, but did you hear about the FBI agent that discharged his gun when it fell out when he did a back flip in a bar? <a...
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    Cafe Requirements

    So now it seems like they're going to announce new CAFE numbers, but California and 12 other states might stick with the old numbers. But CAFE is the Corporate average fuel economy so what I don't understand is how one company can have two average fuel economy numbers for two different regions...
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    Continental Pure Contact

    Anyone ever use the Continental Pure Contacts? Thinking of getting a set from, they seem to have pretty good pricing and free shipping. I think DWS06 are also preferred, but I think the Pure Contacts will have longer tread life.