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  1. Drosselmier

    Mom.... eventualy

    A friend of the family asks a little girl... "What do you want be when you grow up?" Girl a Mom. Why do you want to be a Mom? Girl....So I can boss everybody around...……..All the time.
  2. Drosselmier

    USA Liquid Measure

    Just a head's up for Canadian home cooks and bakers. Remember USA cup quantity is 240 ml and Canadian is 250 ml. I was always using the Canadian size and using more dry ingredients in my baking. Never pulled the dough off the bowl of my stand mixer as the video showed. Dang.
  3. Drosselmier

    Baked bread in the Gas BBQ

    Haven't had any home made bread since May. Thought I would make some Wed. afternoon. Mixed it in the stand mixer using SAF Red instant yeast. My temp indicator on the Broil King reads about 50* lower than actual internal temp, so have to keep that in mind. Baked 3 loaves on a pizza stone for...
  4. Drosselmier

    Temp battery for point and shoot

    Kodak c663 Easy Share. came with 2 Ni MH.1.2v. batteries. Can I use 2 alkaline 1.5v AA non rechargeable? Thanks.
  5. Drosselmier

    Coolant disposal

    While reading of Rad Flushes I notice the rad is flushed several times to clean it out. What does one do with all the coolant and water then removed ? Is it all collected in containers to be recycled ? A lot of it would be very weak solutions ( mostly water. )Does one just let it run away ? Why...
  6. Drosselmier

    Le tour de France

    Are any of you watching it on TV ? 21 stages in 23 days, 198 riders, narrow roads at times. I marvel of the stamina of the athletes to complete this challenge. I don't know how they do it day after day. Beautiful overhead scenery shots from the helicopter. Monday's stage was 217.5 km and...
  7. Drosselmier

    OLM running down too quickly ? 2006 Buick 3.8l

    My previous OCI was almost 2 years and a little over 7000 km and the OLM was at 40%, with 5w30 GM Conventional with an AC Delco filter. I changed it in mid May with QSUD 5w30 and a Fram TG filter. OLM was reset to 99%. I have only driven in the city doing short runs, once in awhile on the 4 lane...
  8. Drosselmier

    Happy Indepence Day

    Away back in about the mid '40s I was listening to a radio host remarking on Independence Day. Here is the gist of it. " The 4th of July, the day America declared independence from England. England got even many years later when they sent Basil Rathbone to Hollywood. " I'll be watching " The...
  9. Drosselmier

    Backfiring : Honda 5.5 HP Craftsman

    The last two times I used the mower it backfired three times total, after a 10 minute break. One of them was a fainter than the other two. I am using 91 Octane fuel. I cleaned the air filter but it was not too dirty. What could cause this ? It has not backfired previously. Thanks for any...
  10. Drosselmier

    oil for yamaha bolt 2014

    What oil for this bike. My son has one and I'd like to know about it. Thanks for any info.
  11. Drosselmier

    Not enough hours to change oil

    I bought a Sears single stage snow blower about 1 month ago. I have about 2 hours on it now. Should I change the oil at end of season or store it with the factory oil still in it till have 5 hours running time next season. I'm leaning to changing it before storage and again early next season...