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  1. Patman

    Who makes Canadian Supertech?

    Does Safety Kleen still make the Canadian version of Supertech oils? (they did back in 2009, we know this) I ask this because starting tomorrow Walmart in Canada is selling Supertech synthetic for only $17.47 for 5L jugs, and that has to be the lowest priced synthetic available to us up here (it...
  2. Patman

    Mobil 1 ESP now sold in 5qt jugs

    I know that there are only a small number of people that use this oil but I now noticed that Canadian Tire sells Mobil 1 ESP 5w30 in 5 quart jugs. This is especially nice because instead of being $16.99 per quart and never going on sale, it now goes on sale whenever the other M1 jugs are on sale...
  3. Patman

    Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5w30, 7400 miles, 2018 Corvette

    Here are the latest oil analysis results for the fourth oil change (and this was my 2nd interval with ESP Formula 5w30, previous two were with M1 5w30) on my 2018 Corvette, analysis done by Wearcheck Canada: <span style="font-weight: bold">Mobil 1 ESP Formula 5w30 </span> Napa Gold 100290...
  4. Patman

    Why hasn't someone made a more efficient filter?

    I'm curious as to why no manufacturers out there have made an oil filter than is even more efficient than what we currently have, let's just say something that's 99% efficient down to 10 or 15 microns instead of the current best which seems to be around 99% at 20 microns. Surely the technology...
  5. Patman

    NAPA Gold vs Fram Ultra (efficiency)

    I should probably know these numbers off the top of my head but how do these two filters compare in terms of efficiency? I know the Ultra is built better and has a fully synthetic media, but the NAPA Gold does filter out 99% at 20 microns, and correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the same as...
  6. Patman

    Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0w40

    I just found out today on the Corvette Forum that this oil can be ordered online from (it's not in stores or available for pickup at this time though) The price is pretty good too, $54.99 for 6 quarts, plus $8.99 for shipping (that's a lot less than dealers are charging for it)...
  7. Patman

    Mobil 1 ESP 5w30 Noack is 7.9%

    I sent an email to ExxonMobil to find out the Noack value for their new formula of Mobil 1 ESP 5w30 and they responded back that it's 7.9%. The old version, called ESP Formula 5w30 supposedly had a Noack of 5.6% but that was through independent testing so it's unclear whether or not that number...
  8. Patman

    Torque wrench on your drain plug?

    How many people here use a torque wrench to tighten your drain plug when changing your oil? I ask this because someone on the Corvette Forum asked for the proper torque specs for the drain plug on an LT1 and I thought to myself "who needs a torque wrench for that?" I've always just tightened it...
  9. Patman

    Does anyone use Castrol 0w30 anymore?

    Back in the days of GC 0w30 it was quite popular here, and even with the reformulation from the green formula to the gold formula it still had quite a few users on here but I'm curious as to how many people still use it these days? Castrol's website is terrible for finding out technical data on...
  10. Patman

    Talk about great timing!

    A few weeks ago when we got that real cold snap my wife told me her BMW had a hard time starting up one morning, even with it being parked inside our garage (so it was probably around 25-30F in there that day) so I mentioned that it's probably time to get a new battery. We bought the car in the...
  11. Patman

    E0 or E10 for direct injection?

    Is is true that a fuel with 10% ethanol can actually keep engine deposits lower than ethanol free fuel? And if so, could it be beneficial to run E10 fuel in direct injected applications over E0? (I know the fuel never touches the intake valves, but I'm also thinking of the fuel vapors that...
  12. Patman

    Has anyone spotted an Ultra XG12060 yet?

    Fram has been promising us this new 22psi bypass PF64 equivalent oil filter for a while now, and it was supposed to be released in the new year so I'm wondering if anyone has seen this filter yet? I'm hoping it'll be in Walmart before the end of the spring (that'll be when I'll need to change...
  13. Patman

    1950s era cars in Cuba

    My wife and I just got back from a 5 day trip to Varadero Cuba and I really was in awe of all of the 1950s American made cars still on the road there! I had heard a little bit about this in the past from a co worker who was born in Varadero, but I had no idea there were so many of them still...
  14. Patman

    Are there any oils similar to M1 5w30 ESP Formula?

    Now that Mobil 1's 5w30 ESP Formula has been reformulated, I'm wondering if there is another oil out there that has similar technical specs to it that I could consider as it's replacement when my stash runs out? (I just bought more yesterday on clearance at Canadian Tire so I have enough for two...
  15. Patman

    Canadian Tire no longer carrying M1 ESP Formula

    I recently noticed that Canadian Tire was not replenishing their stock of ESP Formula Mobil 1, and now they are putting their remaining stock on clearance (still overpriced at almost $12 per liter though!) So it could just be because M1 has reformulated 5w30 ESP Formula (and it's now just called...
  16. Patman

    Most reliable weather forecast?

    I'm going to Fort Myers this weekend for a 3 day getaway (Sat-Mon) and so I'm very hopeful for warm sunny weather, obviously. But in checking the various sources for weather out there I'm getting different opinions on how the weekend is going to pan out weather wise. I'm just wondering for those...
  17. Patman

    Do we have any locksmiths on here?

    I went to Canadian Tire a few days ago to have a copy made of my house key and when I tried it, the key did not work. When I went back to have it remade, they attempted it again but after it was done they told me they were pretty sure it wasn't going to work and they referred me to a local...
  18. Patman

    Reusing old parts

    Another funny meme I found on Facebook
  19. Patman

    Funny oil meme

    I saw this on Facebook
  20. Patman

    Cover your air conditioner in the winter?

    I just moved into a brand new house a few months ago, and I've noticed that most of my neighbors around me have now started covering their AC units for the winter. I've never done this in the past, and have never had problems and was wondering if any of you guys do it and why? I would assume...