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  1. rob1715

    FRAM or not?

    So I've read many posts about how people use FRAM oil filters and they're fine with. Then I watch videos where FRAM is cut open and it's called the Orange Can of Death. What's the deal with it and why do they get such a bad wrap?
  2. rob1715

    Lack of Money or Lack of Priorities

    So how many see this? Someone will lose $5000 in Vegas and not even blink. They have All Access NFL, NBA, and MLB. Cable with 500 channels. Go out to eat 2 -3 times per week, cigs and beer, and movies with jumbo super-sized everything. Calculated up, it can cost between $5000 - $7000 per...
  3. rob1715

    Any Horror Multi-Vehicle ATF Stories?

    Been searching on the internet for ATF stories on how MV ATF fluid ruined a transmission - Castrol Multi-Import is bad - Maxlife ruined my transmission - etc... Probably 15 different ways to construct that sentence it but can't seem to find hits. I'm not referring to wrong applications such...
  4. rob1715

    Shorter OCI for GDI Engines?

    My apologies if this topic has been talked about. I looked and there seems to be some conflicting info. and would like to take a fresh look at it. Get it a little more concise. My understanding is oil changes for GDI engines depend on factors such as gas dilution, usage, miles...
  5. rob1715

    Change the trans filter or not?

    Bought a 2003 Toyota Matrix about 2 years ago with 80k miles on it. Changed out all fluids, filters, power steering fluid, flushed coolant, etc... everything that needed to be done was done do it. OCI is 5k miles with whatever synthetic is on sale/cheapest (Supertech usually) and OEM oil...