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  1. Shannow

    Shannen Doherty dead @ 53

    She's been topic of much conversation at my place. Wife (Married nearly 2 years ago) had BC in 2022, and has been following Shannen's story all along.
  2. Shannow

    Any Ghost Stories?

    Quite a few... Most amazing was a hell hound, probably about this time in 2019 (It's in a diary, I'll dig it out at some stage)...doing some meditation in sub zero (C) temps, as part of cold exposure biohacking....about 1AM A large (very very large), black dog emerged from the creek flood...
  3. Shannow

    Rotary Valves by "Driving 4 Answers" on Youtube

    When I did my engineering thesis (1990), it was on intake manifold air and fuel flow, and the development of a test rig for measuring flow, swirl, and tumble in cylinder heads. (only got the design for the latter, but great insights on the former, including that CRC system 1 fuel cleaner was the...
  4. Shannow

    I love John Moses Browning 1892 action

    Mine had some microgroove type rifling,yours didnt iiirc
  5. Shannow

    I love John Moses Browning 1892 action

    Yes, I sold the b92 browning in 44 . .it was beautiful. But I built a black and plastic jw15 for a mate,and it part fit my 1967brno... Something broke that day. This is fun
  6. Shannow

    I love John Moses Browning 1892 action

    In a black rifle...
  7. Shannow

    I am getting divorce

    While things are amicable, get everything that you can agree too on paper...then use lawyers to legalise... Here in Oz, you (can) go to mediation, which is facilitated, and relatively inexpensive...then get lawyers to prepare court orders (Consent Orders), which can then be processed through...
  8. Shannow

    Province of Alberta coal plant closure delayed by one year

    Australia - "here hold my beer"
  9. Shannow

    Weight loss update - I won!

    To Quote Australian Musician Kevin Wilson....two inches taller they'd be perfectly round.
  10. Shannow

    Weight loss update - I won!

    LOL...wife and I have been white carb free (a burger and fries every second friday is about it) for about 7 months. We wentto a beautful tea room Saturday, and had devonshire tea for afternoon hour later, were falling asleep at the wheel. She's lost 35lb, and normalised blood...
  11. Shannow

    What oils did you use for carbeurated vehicles

    Castrol GTX or Valvoline XLD- both 20W50. If I had the cash, BP Corse 25W50 Edit - 5,000km. Later on, M1 15W50, and 15,000 (I did 76,000km one year when just out of in Canberra, working in Yass, Girfriend in Sydney, then next one in Melbourne)
  12. Shannow

    Really impressed with Monster Jam / an ode to motorsport

    Taking the kids to MonsterJam was one of the best things we ever did as a family. Kids researched the trucks, Connor liked Monster Mutt, Rhiannon MadUSA (grevedigger myself), they did thei posters, got fist bumpede by drivers...talked about it for months. Alas... asn we get rubbish "monster...
  13. Shannow

    The Army’s new rifle - the XM7 Knew that they were developping it at Lithgow Range.
  14. Shannow

    Passivate your stainless truck after washing ?

    I always thought stainless is a bear to fabricate, so why make a car with flat panels and bends that complicate the issues... Didn't think of the need to passivate the surfaces regularly with use...
  15. Shannow

    When things go wrong at Power Stations, they can go really wrong.

    CS Energy have released to the public the cause of one of Australia's beggest power station failures...
  16. Shannow

    Pet lovers, how does your pet get their water?

    Got a 500(ish)L rainwater tank in the back veranday, which provides our drinking water (through a ceramic filter)...I ran a tank overflow into a 40(ish) litre cut off plastic barrel. Every morning I grab a gallon of water for the filter and straight unfiltered into the kettle...then top up the...
  17. Shannow

    25 most venomous snakes in the world

    Had a workmate sent to hospital for observation after rescuing a roo from a coal loading hopper...once it found it's feet, it tried to headlock him, and kick in with it's hind legs...can kill you. We've got about 50 living in the pwoer station gounds, there was one tall buck decades old that...
  18. Shannow

    25 most venomous snakes in the world

    And a power station.
  19. Shannow

    25 most venomous snakes in the world

    Yep, I live in funnelweb central...pic 1 was a few years ago, when I took the wheelie bin out, barefoot like I spend most of my home was litterally two inches from my foot when the wheel of the bin rolled over it, and first I heard was the crunch. Second, was sitting late one night in...