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    What oil and filter for 2017 5.3L Sierra?

    What does the "E" signify with the AC Delco filters? On Amazon I see PF61 and PF61E for my '02 Chevy Trailblazer. Currently I am trying to decide whether to keep using the old PF58s I bought 20 years ago. I still have 6. They have been stored in the garage in their original boxes inside the...
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    Best/Favorite first riff/20 seconds of iconic rock song?

    The original studio version. I still remember the first time I heard this on vacation in Colorado in 1975 driving toward Colorado Springs in my '71 Chevelle 400 big block with the rear deck 6X9 speakers....
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    Bulb grease? 👀

    Been using Truck-Lite NYK-77 Corrosion Preventive Compound on all bulb contacts and most electrical connections since a friend who is a big rig diesel mechanic gave me a tube of it years ago. They use it on all bulb contacts. At the time 20 years ago GM was having a lot of issues with the wire...
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    Battery Charger Testing Results

    I've had no problem leaving one of my Noco chargers indefinitely connected to maintain a battery. I have an 11 year old Optima Red top in my 2002 Trailblazer that sits for sometimes weeks in charge-maintenance mode. However, the "Repair" mode comes with a caution. That was the question that...
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    Battery Charger Testing Results

    Noco mentions in the instructions that vehicle electronics could be damaged using the restore or repair mode.
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    Do you have a smart or dumb thermostat?

    I have a LUX thermostat too, 7 day programmable. I use it in the manual mode. Main reason I like the LUX is because it has adjustable temperature swing or differential. As far as I know LUX is the only brand that has that feature.
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    First New Coffeemaker in 9 Years!

    They do. The "Breakfast Blend" medium roast, and the "Signature Blend" dark, which I have a cup of in front of me now. Bought a couple of bags last week at Kroger on sale for $4.49 a bag. You might want to check other stores.
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    Songs with hokey sound effects

    Expressway To Your Heart - Soul Survivors
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    What car is sporting the last cassette deck made?

    My '02 Trailblazer has the Delco CD-Cassette radio. Which manufacturer had the last AM Stereo radio and when was it discontinued? Of course there are no known AM Stereo broadcasters left.
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    PSA: Please wear your seatbelt

    Been wearing the seat belt since my 1965 Corvair days as a teenager. It would go around corners pretty quickly and had slick vinyl seats. I wore it so I wouldn't slide around! Later it became more apparent there were other safety reasons to do so.
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    Home Depot to stop selling incandescent lightbulbs July 31st.

    Definitely prefer incandescents over LED and CFL for the low range dimming ability. I use incandescent bulbs in the hall and bathroom light fixtures and run those way down low. The LEDs are too bright at their lowest reliable setting and if the power glitches off for whatever reason they won't...
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    Happy 4th! Made in USA cars!

    Had to make my own "Made in U.S.A." license plate frame. Couldn't find one to buy anywhere for my trusty old 2002 Trailblazer. Still going strong. Bought it new in Jan 2002 during GM's "Keep America Rolling" campaign after 9/11.
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    Gas station brands and names

    A few I recall... Fina ("with Pflash") , Conoco and slogan "Hottest Brand Going". Shamrock, Jet Gas, FasGas, Sello and their slogan "That's what we do." was Mobil's self-service cheaper brand, DX, Hudson. I know there are more that came and went. I used to buy "100+ Octane" gas at Fed Mart.
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    Unusual car spotted on old TV rerun.. what is it?

    Thanks for the replies! A lot different than my father's '50 Studebaker! This was apparently Aunt Bee's final scene, from 1970. "The Mynah Bird" episode. "Sam" (Ken Barry) was driving, Aunt Bee was a passenger.
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    Unusual car spotted on old TV rerun.. what is it?

    Happened to be watching MeTV+, a "Mayberry RFD" show on, and saw an old probably '60s car I've never seen before. I thought maybe International Harvester, but the tail lights look a little "Oldsmobile". Searched but no pictures like it came up. What is it? Thanks!
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    Running on 9 1/2 year old gas.

    I've been inflating to 45 psi so I wasn't too far off. Thanks!
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    Running on 9 1/2 year old gas.

    What storage pressure do you recommend? I have a 1988 Chevy S10 4.3 that sits in the garage a lot, rarely ever driven. It has several year old old 87 E10 gas in it, starts right up and idles smoothly. (Only has 101,000 miles, bought it new in '88. I have "Classic Antique" registration $50/5...
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    Tune up in a bottle, whats your favorite?

    Yep, Techron has cured erratic rough idle several times for me, until I started using Top Tier gas. Haven't needed the Techron since around 2006 or whenever Top Tier gas came into existance. I use Stabil Marine in all gasoline that gets stored.
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    Clear your siphon hole in the toilet

    Just want to thank the "OP". My 40 year old toilet has been sluggish flushing for a while, often needing two flushes. Read this thread, got to checking and sure enough the water "siphon" hole as well as the 16 little water jets under the rim were partially clogged. Used the Zep brand of "CLR" in...