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    Post your latest HDEO change

    2012 VW Passat TDI Out & In Delo XSP 5W-30 + OEM filter 10k OCI
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    Rotella 10w30 dino (T3) below 0F?

    VW says to use a synthetic oil meeting the VW505/505.01 oil spec. VW says to change the oil every 10,000 miles. Cheapskate or not, using RTS at $23/gallon works out to just .23 cents per mile. VW has noted that using dino oil will void the warranty, and they will not pay for any repairs. What...
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    Suggest an oil for me

    Castrol High Mileage 10W-30.
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    Diesel Volkswagon Dealer Fill

    Just take a short trip over to the TDI Club web site, and read all the stories of VW dealers using the wrong oil in TDIs. It tends to be the rule rather than the exception to use the wrong oil at some VW dealers. Always take your own oil for changes, and be safe. Better yet, do it your self.
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    Well, if you gotta go cheap....

    Wolf's Head can be found at some OSH stores.
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    So this trucking company goes out of business.....

    I guess I'm just one of the bad guys by not spending every cent, and then some. A few jobs ago, I learned to put away whatever I could because it would be needed to keep the lights on between jobs. When the trucking company I was working for up and locked the doors, the savings sure came in...
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    Red Line 5W-40 for my B5 Passat?

    What to expect? Most likely nothing. Maybe a little bit more free revving, or better throttle response. After almost 200K miles of using Red Line 5w-40 in my VW I can say that the insides are very clean. Never had any Problems with it.
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    The most oil with most moly in it? 0w20 and 0/5w30

    Redline and Schaeffer's have a lot of moly.
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    oil consumption normal on a 5.7 hemi?

    An oil catch can is a device that is placed between the PCV and the intake. It takes the oil vapor in the blow-by, and "catches" it, preventing it from going into the intake where it can gunk up the intake. Once every oil change, just dump out the dirty oil from the catch can.
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    The Priciples of Macroeconomics Course

    Another strange requirement for a degree in computer science is genetics. Hummm . . . what do you get when you cross breed a Mac and a PC?
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    New Rotella

    About a fifth. Yea, I know, its cheaper by the gallon.
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    New Shop Truck

    Maybe just a bit on the heavy side. A 5w-30 would be a good choice.
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    How does oil temp correlate with water temp?

    It also depends on the design of the car. Audi/VW uses an oil cooler/heater that has a water jacket supplied off the water pump. The oil is either heated or cooled by the engine coolant.
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    New Shop Truck

    Aw, just use the Red Line, and let it do the cleaning as you drive.
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    Losing mileage with 20w-50

    Another factor to consider is the switch from summer fuel to winter fuel. Winter fuel contains less energy, and you get lower fuel mileage.
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    What do YOU store your used oil in?

    I just recycle the 1 gallon oil jugs for used oil storage until I can get to the oil recyclers.
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    Chevron 5w40 Delo synthetic

    The oil can be a bit difficult to find sometimes. If you buy in case lots, most dealers can order the oil for you.
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    Low yearly mileage & Synthetic Oil Change Interval

    Well, sort of right. A UOA is useful for more than just seeing how the oil has held up. UOAs have spotted problems for me in the past. Little things like coolant in the oil which could have done real damage. A faulty oil cooler was suggested as the cause, and indeed that was the problem Without...
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    Would fuel deposits be remedied by........

    But it only filters down to 5 microns. My Cat filter goes down to 2 microns. Abrasive particles found in the gas would not be the first thing to go after if deposits are the concern. Deposits are usually dried out chemicals left behind due to evaporation of the chemical soup called gasoline.
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    Red Line question

    Now, that is a real good question to which few have a good answer. Starting places would be direct from Red Line Oil, Summit Racing, JEGS, AutoZone (some will order it for you), your local speed shop. I buy it from Interstate Oil, but it is only sold in case lots with a two case minimum (a...