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    Castrol EDGE 0w30 A3 Belgium

    Pour point is -60°C. Would this oil be good in my ’18 bmw 330i. Car is kept outside in Quebec winters and used daily fir a 30km commute…. Or should i just use 0w20 ll17
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    Post milestone or just plain fun odometer pics!

    2008 Honda Odyssey DX a few months ago…
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    0w30 or 5w30 for a 2018 BMW X1

    So can i Put a LL04 oil into my Canadian '18 330i? I have the same engine and feel the 0w20is just too thin for ths application.
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    1994 ford sho

    I have a '95 SHO with 93k miles on it..I run Castrol Syntec 5w-40 year round and the car loves it. I ran Mobil 10w-30 and heard loud clacking noises at cold start-ups. I also heard it with Castrol Syntec 0w-30. With the 5w-40 I don't hear anything. The engine is smooth and it purrs like a Yamaha...
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    Motorcraft oil (again)

    I would like to see an analysis on the Motorcraft 5w-30 oil aswell if anyone has them. How does Motorcraft oil compare to Castrol dino oil? [ February 28, 2003, 10:22 PM: Message edited by: Tommy the Greek ]
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    Running Pennzoil Dino in Honda 40k miles no oil changes !!

    When I worked at a Toyota dealership a Doctor came in complaining of engine noise on his 2001 Avalon. The engine looked pretty much like the pictures of the Honda above. Even with that profession he did not know he had to change the oil in his new car. It had 28K miles when the engine seized.
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    Product Data Sheet for Castrol

    Any one have the Product Data Sheet for the Castrol GTX Motor Oil. Thank you. [email protected]
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    Royal purple for Toyota

    I use to work for the parts department of "Star Toyota of Bayside", NY before I moved to Montreal and have seen my share of '01 4-runners. Which town of the Island are you in? I believe the owner's manual says 5w-30 and you should stick with that. 5w-30 will give you the best fuel economy also...
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    at highway speeds, which will hold up better?

    It depends if you change your oil every 3k miles, if you do use the Castrol 5w-30. If you extend it to 5K miles use the synthetic. [ February 01, 2003, 07:19 PM: Message edited by: Tommy the Greek ]
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    Best Standard Oil Brand? ie 5w-30 10w-30

    Castrol does tend to put a caramel color to the engine but it does not sludge it. Pennzoil and Quaker State oil tend's to sludge up engines.
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    Conventional Dexron III ATF

    Toyota uses an ATX fluid called Type IV in some of there auto tranny's. What vehicle do you have?