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    Kia forte GT

    I test drove one shortly after they came out when I was looking for a new around town car. The best way to think of it is as a poor man's Civic Si. It's slightly less refined, slightly poorer handling, slightly poorer steering and transmission feel, and likely a good bit less reliable than...
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    What is the single best vehicle to buy if you're a tightwad?

    My 1992 Sentra SER was nearly unkillable during the 15 years I owned it and, to this day, is perhaps the car I have the fondest memories of.
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    Model Y #1 selling car in the world for 2023

    Yeah, who are "our guys"?
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    Which oil is best per all testing criteria?

    Project Farm likes Penzoil Ultra Platinum. And he is the messiah come again
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    Purolator moving away from louvers?

    I purchased (at a Central Ohio Menard's location) a Purolator One filter (PL14459) that looks to have been manufactured in Sept. 2023 that has holes in its core as opposed to louvers. Has anyone else noticed this change?
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    Need a Gun Recommendation

    LC380 might indeed be a good option to explore. The P365-380 would be another similar option
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    Limp Wristing My LCP MAX

    That's the silliest thing I've heard in a while. Why would anyone feel the need to actually prove that the earth is flat? And, OP, thanks for the post. Pocket pistols have designs and potential usage scenarios that make them particularly prone to limp wristing. And it being a weak azz .380...
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    New Firearms CLP or Lube You Want To Try ?

    I also have used Corrosion-X for years as my primary clp product. I figure that just about any oil would be good enough for lubricating non-machine gun firearms, so I'd go with something that excels at rust prevention. At the end of the day, just about any oil is sufficient for firearm applications.
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    Long Term Storage

    Originally Posted by 2cool I have come to a conclusion that a better way is either Fluid Film, or for longer term......don't scream now........paste wax. I started using it on my hand tools and am impressed. Wax or thick grease are about as good as it gets when it comes to corrosion...
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    Essential Tools for Gun Cleaning

    Originally Posted by Gebo How do ya'll store all your cleaning products? Fishing tackle boxes are great for storing a variety of brushes, jags, and other small bits.
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    Interesting Observation Ballistol/Hoppes 9

    Originally Posted by samven Ballistol is a good cleaner but remember it is water soluble so dont count on it for protection from rust long term. Many of the guys including me mix it with water as a lube/cleaner for running patches to keep black powder fouling soft at the range. I can mix 50/50...
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    The thin grease for firearms

    A couple relatively low cost options for a lightweight grease are: Oregon 49-010 00 Grease Learn more: $9.95 for 9 oz Lubriplate L0034-094 No. 105 Motor Assembly Grease, Learn more: $10.29 for 10 oz
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    Originally Posted by DuckRyder I thought this was actually going to be about a Czechmate Me too! I'm feeling rather teased
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    Desiccant size?

    Desiccants aren't the ideal tool for containers that are " not air tight" . Something like a small 'golden rod' style of dehumidifier or even a small incandescent light bulb (really anything to raise the temperature inside the box a modest amount) would be my recommendation. If you want to go...
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    Walther P22 QD

    The best thing about the Walther P22 is that it isn't a Sig mosquito. If you are interested in doing a good bit of plinking it might pay in the long run to switch to a 22 pistol that will more reliably shoot bulk ammo.
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    Dusty Environment Question

    Originally Posted By: CCI It's called Pro-Gold. MSDS if anyone is interested:
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    Sellier & Bellot

    Originally Posted By: fields Works for me, and I use teir primers too. I recently picked up a couple boxes of their primers after having shot numerous cases of their factory loaded ammo. As other have stated, S&B is good stuff. Buy and enjoy.
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    Recommend good noise canceling headset please!

    Nice, thorough review of a few options: