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    Kia says to flush brake fluid every 4 years?

    Most automakers have NO brake fluid change interval.
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    Worth it to replace the deck on 20 year old HRX217 w/300 hours on unit?

    $400 for just the deck ? No way.... Repair it. Wouldn't hurt to contact Honda still. After 20 years, who would be expected to still have the original receipt from when they bought it ? 😉
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    Total Energies MV LV ATF

    In a Honda ? I think any new, fresh fluid helps there. No, it's not. Total is not part of Exxon Mobil but they're a very reputable company (much more prominent in Europe than in the US).
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    Tracking a Rail Car

    I'm involved in shipping (receiving, actually) ocean containers from Europe into the US. Once they arrive at the ocean port and get loaded onto rail, we call that the "black hole". I got the impression that, for "security" reasons, the rail companies made it hard to access. Even the shipper...
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    Does this even sound remotely legal/ethical?

    Probably "potty mouth nannies" report you or the system notifies them when the potty mouth filter steps in and "****" words. 🤷‍♂️ 😂
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    Does this even sound remotely legal/ethical?

    They don't read every post in every thread....
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    Total Energies MV LV ATF

    I'm curious how they're claiming "meets the requirements of...." those fluids. That said, I'm sure it's a fine fluid.
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    Does this even sound remotely legal/ethical?

    To what extent ? You don't have to answer here.... How is she allowed to enter into agreements, contracts, etc, etc if she is ?
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    Does this even sound remotely legal/ethical?

    What makes you think the service advisor you spoke to has any idea of an extended warranty that was bought with the vehicle. This sounds like 100% scare tactics.
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    Best way to remove corrosion from battery bracket.

    It sure looks like a pretty generic battery hold-down to me.... Why not remove it and take it to an auto parts store and compare with a replacement they stock ?
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    FedEx failure

    And this is what the public sees.... Beat-up, janky trucks, poor service, etc and Fedex corporate doesn't care. The revenue and profits from ground services are huge.
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    Weird email reply from website writer that I applied with.

    I see companies that have website domains yet still use,, for their email. I always find it very unprofessional and question their tech knowledge.... If you own a website domain, adding email only requires a few add'l clicks at the host's dashboard and paying a few...
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    FedEx failure

    When it comes to daily operations, one has to separate Fedex Express from Fedex Ground. That PDF shows how Fedex corporate has a night and day different view of the two operations. Is it a one-sided piece ? Sure, but I know people from both sides and pretty much everything in that letter is...
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    Toyota Dealer's parts department's online website - which one has the lowest prices?

    Toyota (corporate) seems to offer better pricing than dealer websites in some cases plus they have the option of shipping it to a dealer along with the dealer's other, daily parts orders and there's no shipping charge.
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    Scrappers are resourceful

    Same here - our recycle bin usually needs mashed down to close the lid while the garbage can typically has (2) bags total.
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    Scrappers are resourceful

    Haha !! Then don't charge US to pick it up. Or, set a fixed amount then deduct from it based on weight that's in our bins.
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    2009 Acura - Dead Battery, Driver Locked Inside

    They simply don't know how to manually unlock it. I won't bother finding an owners manual for an '09 Acura something, but I'll bet a '12 Accord is close. Until 3 minutes ago, I had no idea my wife's '24 Toyota had manual door locks, but it does. They do blend in really well too.
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    Who does root canals these days?

    Why should she bother ? You acknowledge you don't go to the dentist very often.... How long ago it cracked is irrelevant at that point.