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  1. AEHaas

    Oil life vs temperature

    'Not that simple. It depends on the activation threshold or energy. A reaction may not even begin until a certain temperature is reached for a particular component. There are too may variables to make this global statement about the useful life of an oil based on the temperature. ali
  2. AEHaas

    Engine Hours instead of Mileage

    Low RPM also hurts camshafts as the oil wedge does not build up as thick on the lobes. It may not be a big hurt but it definitely results in more wear than when the RPM is some higher. Ali
  3. AEHaas

    Is my oil temp too low?

    My 812 Superfast Ferrari specs a 40 grade oil but I use a 30 grade oil. It never gets above 180F. It runs at 170-175 in town and maybe 165F on I-75 doing 75 MPH plus... The coolant is always around 180F regardless of the oil temperature. It gets up to temperature in 2 - 3 minutes of driving...
  4. AEHaas

    Mobil 1 0W-8

    'A little over a thousand miles. The high ZDP and lack of detergents made the racing oil unsuitable for long term use. But it was another data point that thinner oils will not blow up your engine. I put another 10k miles on the truck. It was 5 years old and I decided to get something I "liked"...
  5. AEHaas

    Mobil 1 0W-8

    I have used Red Line 0W-5 oil in my Lincoln Navigator with a twin turbo, 450 HP engine with no adverse effects so the 0W-8 should do the trick in your car. ali
  6. AEHaas

    Pennzoil Claims Formulation of Platinum Changed to Reflect New 15,000-mile Guarantee On Bottle

    Not sure if this was posted before but regarding what that 15,000 mile oil service life means, this is what is on the Pennzoil web site: 1 Lubrication Limited Warranty. Protection for up to 15,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first. Use an oil filter designed for longer oil change...
  7. AEHaas

    Is the recommended 0-20 bad for engine life?

    I have little tolerances for thick oil and buy XW20 or thinner on big clearances. Ali
  8. AEHaas

    Can a high HTHS ever be detrimental to engine protection?

    My experience is that the sump temperatures in my high powered cars and trucks is much lower. My highest power car, with 800 BHP runs at 80c around town with spirited use, less at 80 MPH on the highway. Maybe it is because I always run thinner engine oils that have less internal friction. Ali
  9. AEHaas

    Can a high HTHS ever be detrimental to engine protection?

    Real, on the road automotive engine tests I have presented in the past are revealing. Modern, fully formulated oils having a HTHS of 2.6 when put into service show no more wear than a 30 or 40 grade oil in engines designed for that viscosity range. Even with mild degradation from fuel dilution...
  10. AEHaas

    Thicker oil makes more HP?

    Lubrication, Tribology & Motorsport R.I. Taylor, Shell Global Solutions (UK), Cheshire Innovation Park, PO Box 1, Chester, CH1 3SH, UK Data showing increased power loss in F1 engines related to thicker viscosity oils:
  11. AEHaas

    Thicker oil makes more HP?

    Higher oil pressure results in more parasitic BHP losses. Ali
  12. AEHaas

    Still having oil Detergents confusion....

    If you, the original poster, are looking to clean out an old engine, OVERKILL gave you the answer. Use a high ester based oil. Ali
  13. AEHaas

    Tribologist discusses 0W8 motor oil

    Thinner oils can perform well especially when their film strength is higher. It was shown to me that film strength is like graphite or a deck of cards spread on a table. You can slide things around on these layers with almost infinite "thinness". Viscosity is a separate entity that has no...
  14. AEHaas

    Thicker oil makes more HP?

    The above is in contrast to the data in this paper and others: Lubrication, Tribology & Motorsport, R.I. Taylor Shell Global Solutions (UK), Cheshire Innovation Park, PO Box 1, Chester, CH1 3SH, UK Where frictional losses decrease with lowering viscosities and BHP increases with lowering...
  15. AEHaas

    2019 RAM 1500 Sport 5.7L - HPL "overkill" 0W-20 10,876km

    'Interesting that the "Thick oil" people are not all over this. ...Stating that the UOA is useless to be able to say the wear is normal and that your engine is really falling apart because the MOFT is not sufficient. And demanding at least a picture of your oil filter pleats showing chunks of...
  16. AEHaas

    PZ 0W-16, 2019 Lincoln Navigator 3.5L Turbo, 3,350mi - Oil, 36,000mi - Truck

    Spec oil is a 30 grade. In general I tend to use a thinner grade than specified by the manufactures, one or two or three or four grades below the recommended. Ali
  17. AEHaas

    PZ 0W-16, 2019 Lincoln Navigator 3.5L Turbo, 3,350mi - Oil, 36,000mi - Truck

    This is the oil used: And no make up oil was needed. The oil level is exactly the same for these 3,000 miles. Ali
  18. AEHaas

    PZ 0W-16, 2019 Lincoln Navigator 3.5L Turbo, 3,350mi - Oil, 36,000mi - Truck

    This is 90 percent in town driving, 10 percent highway. Vehicle: 2019 Lincoln Navigator L Black Label Engine: 3.5L Ecoboost High Output 450 HP End of experiments for this truck. I will stick with the 0W-20 for now as I have a stash. I think it might be good to change the air filter at this...
  19. AEHaas

    so many M1 versions now

    WalMart got smart. You can have 10 different products to sell. The thought is to have 10 times wider shelf space. Now WalMart charges for the amount of shelf space you can use for your brand. Your brand can put what they want on that amount of real estate. Now the brands only have a few...
  20. AEHaas

    Red Line 5W Racing Oil, 2019 Lincoln Navigator 3.5L Turbo, 1,059mi - Oil, 29,000mi - Truck.

    I have been doing some investigation on Base Number and Acid Number. Some say that when the AN is higher than the BN then it is time to change the oil even if other indicators are OK. Another view is that when the AN of the virgin oil doubles it is time to change the oil. Elevated AN is an...