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    Anyone running straight-weight oils in their cars?

    Just wondering... why you are using such a thick oil in a lawnmower?
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    Synthetic OCI?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of switching from dino to synthetic in my mother's 2000 Grand Prix with 60,000 miles on it. (3.1L V6) The car was bought brand new and has always had 3,000 mile changes with regular dino oil. I have also been using Mobil-1 in my 2000 Sonoma (2.2L 4-cyl) for 30,000 miles on...
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    SuperTech Oil Filter?

    So can we do a urinalysis on a few beers to find out which one is best? Beer choice is as broad as any other consumable. I like drinking beer for the taste, and personally I think Bud Light is good stuff. My brother in law drinks Guiness and brown ale all the time and I can't stand to even...
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    Fram Toughguard

    Good idea, Not much Wal-Mart sells is quality. The Super Tech filters are esentially re-painted AC delco filters. They have low prices, but then again you get what you pay for... especially in the automotive department.
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    Warren Swallows Up Coastal

    SuperTech oil is made by Shell Corp...
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    Dana to divest WIX among other brands

    Well that's just GREAT... my favorite oil filters and my favorite brake pads will be no more. Guess I'll have to start using Fleetguard oil filters.
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    Super Tech

    I suppose if you have a good manager who knows his stuff and good techs, then it would be alright (ours used to be like that, a couple managers back). Trouble is, it's hard finding people to manage that place. Think about it, if you were an excellent manager or mechanic, would you want to work...
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    Super Tech

    Yes... this is the idiocy that drove me to leave that place. Actually the only reason I ever got a job there was just for part time when I was in school. Afterwards, I had been there long enough that I was making a pretty good wage, and couldn't find another job at that price starting out. Ken...
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    Super Tech

    Well, I didn't run it myself. The service manager (me) runs the shop, while the TLE manager is in charge of the whole department (inside floor and outside) and there is a support manager under him. I basically had control of the shop and the people working in it. Unfortunately, I did not have...
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    Super Tech

    Hi all, I've been lurking off and on for the past few months here. Great site. I used to be the service manager at a Wal-Mart TLE, and was wondering what everyone thought of SuperTech oil? Just the mere fact that it's WALMART brand makes me leery of it. That and the fact that is smells like...
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    Well, my point was I'd rather not go to all the trouble of ordering it and having to pay for shipping to my door, when I can go into town and buy Mobil-1 much easier. If Schaeffers is so good, then why don't they market their products more? (like sell them in auto parts stores). Same reason I...
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    I've been hearing more and more about Schaeffers (sp?) oil on this site... but I have yet to find any place around here that carries it. Anyone know where this stuff can be had in central IL? Tony
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    Mobil 1 drain intervals?

    Hi all, I've got a 2000 GMC Sonoma with the 2.2L/auto. Currently it has 47,000 miles on it. I run a rural newspaper delivery route that requires driving 88 miles round trip every morning. I figure that by the time I drive the route, and drive into town to my "real" job and back, on average I put...
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    Wix 51394

    I've never bought the Napa version, simply because I have no other reason to walk into a NAPA. (their prices are much higher than any other parts place around here). I've always bought Wix from Bumper To Bumper up in Lexington. Never have seen a black ADBV yet. My take on the ST filters is...
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    VW diesel (again)

    Yeah, I did manage to find a Wix fuel filter at Bumper To Bumper, so I installed that last night. I can notice a little increase in power, as the old one looked pretty well used. The guy I got it from changed the oil regularly every 3000-4000 miles, as shown by the load of receipts left in the...
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    VW diesel (again)

    Thanks fo the info. I went to Bumper To Bumper to get a Wix filter for it, but apparently that filter is not very common, so they had to order it... it also costs $8.00!! I bought it anyway, because I use nothing but Wix on my stuff (I've cut open a few different brands and after seeing a...
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    VW diesel (again)

    Hi all, it's me again... It's time to change the oil in my diesel Rabbit, and I went with "Mobil Delvac 1300 Super" oil since it was the cheapest on the shelf at Wal-Mart (5.88 for a 4 qt. jug). Any comments on the quality of this oil? How many miles should I go between chenges with this...
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    What oil in VW diesel?

    It's got 134,000 on it as of now. I'm not exactly sure exactly how many MPG it gets, but I know it's around 40-45 (almost 50 on the interstate). Cya, Tony
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    What oil in VW diesel?

    Hi all, I've got a 1984 Volkswagen Rabbit with a 1.6L diesel in it. Not sure what would be the best oil to use in it. I used Rotella-T and Delvac in my old Cummins powered Dodge years ago, but obviously this Rabbit is not nearly as heavy duty as the Cummins. I've seen Valvoline's new Premeum...
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    5W-30 vs. 10W30: Does it really matter?

    **** , why not do away with the 4.3L. They already did away with all the other good engines they used to make (350, 305, etc). Now we get piston slappers instead.