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    Santa Monica is in trouble

    I was there once only and about 18 years ago, one glance was enough to come to same conclusion. I saw it coming for New York, Portland OR and a few more places I was on business trips, people though I was a little off to say the least.
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    Next Android phone?

    I think he's adult serious...
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    Next Android phone?

    My oh my, a loan to get a phone? There is something seriously wrong with life priorities here...
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    Crowdstrike issue

    The $10 Uber eats card they offer as compensation will sure cover the damages :ROFLMAO: :devilish:
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    Switching to HPL Euro 5W-30 10K OCI

    Look at Euro oils as oils made for much more demanding applications with more strict standards for wear, longer OCIs, better cleaning to boot.
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    Most long lasting key fob battery brand ?

    Not sure what brand batt I have in Kia fobs but both are used basically daily past 10+ years and are still original. I'd say anything brand name Japan or Swiss made.
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    Kia / Hyundai engine issues disproportionately in US?

    USA/Canada recommended 5w-20 oil for those 2.4 GDI engines too, what oil viscosity do you use in Spain? Both my Kias were built in Korea and both get xW-30 oil, 20 was too thin as far as I felt.
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    Help me pick an oil filter - Mazda SkyActive

    What I understand is two filter types can be used, both are 'Honda' filter style, either 6607 or 7317, latter is a bit taller, both have similar bypass pressure and both will fit and work just fine. I just did oil change on '22 cx-30 yesterday and used Mazda WPE filter. Filter that came off and...
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    -40 Temp Oil

    The oil in my sig is rated to -59F, I think the oil is as versatile as they come and you sure can run it in your engine come winters or summers. Basically a VW 504/507 certified oil.
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    Amazon: we got burned by products with great reviews, twice

    The way I see it - good reviews don't matter much, bad reviews may be deceiving too, always read bad reviews first and see if they apply and are legit. Example of bad (bad) review: Color isn't exactly like on the picture.... - pictures rarely represent exact color while can be very close...
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    Lifetime warranty batteries emerge

    So, lifetime means 15 years? Or they self destroy right before lapse of 15 year term taking original buyer out along to prevent warranty claims?
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    Maxlife now recommended for CVT applications

    No CVTs love here at all, will never buy CVT or DCT.
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    Maxlife now recommended for CVT applications

    Only some CVTs, the ATF is now low viscosity.
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    Help me pick an oil filter - Mazda SkyActive

    Wix will work just fine, Thailand made Mazda filters are good too. You sure can put original filter back on till you get a replacement and then change. To me, 650 miles for first oil change seems unreasonably soon, I'd do 1500-2000 miles.
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    Mazda ATF-FZ Alternatives (List)

    I wonder what they are supposed to use in Mexico. It's C$33 per 1L in Canada, ultra low viscosity fluid.
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    Help me pick an oil filter - Mazda SkyActive

    If I'm not mistaken, MV are made in Mexico and WPE are from Thailand
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    Please enlighten me how corn hole is a televised and sponsored sport.

    I thought it was sort of a joke when saw it.
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    2024 Mazda CX-50

    I'll be using QS Euro LX 0w-30 (C3/C2, VW 504/507) oil in an extended fam member's '22 CX-30 with NA 2.5 engine this weekend. And I'm gonna advise him to keep using VW 504/507 oil with OCIs of 8k km or 5k miles (severe sched). Owner's manual says to use 0w-20 in Canada in USA and 5w-30...
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    3/8 female by 1/2 inch drive male crossover

    Who cares it's backwards? If it works then so be it. I have a Neiko set, they are good quality and not expensive either.
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    First Half California all-electric EV sales update

    More or less, market is getting saturated, those who wanted and could afford already bought them. Same as when smart cell phones came out - there was steady growth in sales till most everyone got a smart phone to replace their older tech one.