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    M1 or PP

    Who's got the best rebate ?
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    Red Grease?

    Mystik JT6 High temp multi purpose
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    5.7 Started ticking: Best band aid?

    Check the exhaust manifold bolts.
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    2019 F-150 2.7 Ecoboost PP 5W30 7.5k

    At only 15k I wouldn't get excited about the silicon
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    Napa platinum and Napa oil

    They run these sales about every quarter. While it's not exactly Valvoline,it's made by the same folks. I use it and like the results,
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    Interesting Observation Ballistol/Hoppes 9

    Nothing wrong with Ballistol. About the only bad lube I know of is Froglube and other derivatives, it gums up over time and freezes in cold weather.
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    Help me Decide

    Kimber can be hit or miss in the reliability department. I own a Shield , P30sk, LC9s, Glock 43 and a few others. I carry the Shield the most.
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    Napa Exceptional Customer Service

    I'm a big fan of NAPA, good service is just their way of doing things.
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    Ever buy a stranger lunch ?

    If there's a LEO or military in the cafe I frequent I'll ask the gal at the checkout to give me their ticket too.
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    2019 Ram Battery Issue

    Doe he have a Low Jack type system ??
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    A new topper for my truck

    Diamondback is the way to go.
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    OTISTEC MC-10 any proof of snake oil or super stupendous firearm care?

    Buy some needle oiler bottles and fill them with 5w30
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    Grease for Blend Door Actuator

    I finally gave up on replacing those [censored] things and just unplugged it on the fresh air position.
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    The thin grease for firearms

    Originally Posted by tundraotto I just use the mobil 1 grease when i (rarely) grease my AR's...with a toothpick Good from -40 to 400 degrees F,
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    Voided warranty?

    Originally Posted by MolaKule Originally Posted by Rw30707 I have a 2013 ford taurus cpo car that has the 7 year 1000,000 mile warranty set to expire next month with 93,000 miles on it. I changed my fluid atf about 10,000 miles ago with maxlife atf that valvoline recommends. The transmission is...
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    Ford 2.7 ecoboost recommendation

    I ran mostly NAPA 5w30 and QSUD in mine. Smooth and quiet.
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    Any Chris Stapleton fans in here?

    You're welcome