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    Petro-Canada Duron HDEO?

    BrianF: Is your 2017 Deleted or is all the Emissions still in tact?
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    Schaeffer's all supreme transmission fluid?

    Red Line C+ is flowing through its veins now! - I feel its the Perfect ATF for the 68RFE if worked hard 24/7. The cost per gallon is some what expensive compared to others! Mine has it easy in the winter - NO Towing! Just got off the phone with Ray - He stated he was only part time retiring and...
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    Schaeffer's all supreme transmission fluid?

    Change of Mind: Local Schaeffers Oil jobber is retiring due to health issues - so looks like the MOPAR ATF+4 gets the nod. With the Thermal By-Pass delete block installed the ATF will never again be stressed with Heat Issues - so the fluid should have a some what easy life.
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    Schaeffer's all supreme transmission fluid?

    I will throw this out there with a 2K lb chain & anchor. After my first 12K lb towing advantage with our new 2017 Ram 6.7L w/68RFE @ the 1200 mile mark - (417 mile round trip). I seen average temps of 181-195*F - Not a Fan of these higher temps! At the 3K mile mark - with the help of a...
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    Redline SL1 and Diesel Engines

    I add 1 bottles of the 85+ every 3 months to a full tank - Why? For that Warm Fuzzy Feeling! I don't Smoke/Dip Snuff/Do Drugs so I have a nice large amount of extra $$$ to spend on Diesel Fuel Additives! Local shop has the 85+ & Diesel Fuel Catalyst on sale every few months. Red Line rep...
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    10w30 HDEO or 15w40, others. What's in your engine?

    Just finished up my winter oil change - Changed it up a bit. 2gal Schaeffers 10W-30 & 1gal 15W-40 w/ Wix XP filter. 2017 Ram 6.7L CTD
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    IMO, Hot Shots Diesel Extreme WORKS on a dirty system

    I have used 16oz every 3 months w/Full Tank since the first tank - mainly to hopefully keep regens to a minimum & also keep the entire fuel system clean. With Amazon Prime - 32oz is really not that expensive. Schaeffers SoyShield added every fill up to add a bit of extra lubrication if need be.
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    10w30 HDEO or 15w40, others. What's in your engine?

    Combo - 2 Gal Triax ESP 15W-40 / 1Gal Triax ESP 5W-40 - 1 yr OCI.
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    Donaldson dbl7349 vs elf7349

    Thanks Fellas: I added the Fram Ultra to my ebay watch list! I just picked up 6 Wix XP 57620XP for $7 each off of Amazon - now they are back up to $13 each. I will keep the DBL and Stratapore in my Amazon oil filter list as well.
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    Donaldson dbl7349 vs elf7349

    Thinking of running this filter on my 2017 Ram 6.7L CTD - I have read via the net that this filter is designed with no internal by-pass. Is this correct? If so - I will stick with the Stratapore!
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    Tornado Warnings

    Thank goodness the temps are not what they need to be to form supercells but the fuel is still close to the dry line! Going to be a long night! OKC is still in the clear as of 4:45pm.
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    Redline 85plus vs. RL-2

    I own a 2017 Ram w/ 6.7L CTD. I mainly add 6oz Schaeffers SoyShield @ every fill up. I have & continue to add RL 85Plus when I find it on special/sale (Mainly from eBay). Due to the Extremely High reputation of the Company Itself. Can I tell any difference? Honestly No! But my 6.7L is new...
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    2017 Ram 6.7L CTD 68RFE 3500 miles- @ 2500 miles sucked out 4 qts of Mopar ATF+4 In 4qts Red Line C+ @ 3000 miles sucked out 4qts In 4qts Red Line C+ 3500 miles - Installed Delete Thermal By-pass block valve between transmission and cooler. While doing so almost 4qts drained out into bucket...
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    2011+ Ram and other RFE owners delete ATF heater

    Thanks Burla - DoubleWasp - ofelas: For your posts! I own a 2017 Ram 6.7L CTD w/68RFE & I due to reading about many of these thermal valve blocks failing and causing transmission overheating and some type of internal damage. I chose to remove this Thermal Block and install a delete block which...
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    Shell Rotella Gas Truck synthetic engine oil Q&A

    Price will be a huge downside to this product! Which Gasoline engine market is this oil mainly created for?
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    Do you always wear gloves when changing oil?

    I always have a box on the shelf in the garage. I don't always remember to use them. The Fumoto Drain Valve makes oil changes virtually mess free. The oil filter removal is the only real mess I have anymore. Now this new 2019 Ford Edge with the 2.7L EB has a ridiculously Stupid Huge plastic...
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    Hankook Kinergy GT - slippery on snow and ice

    Originally Posted by -SyN- I as well not a huge Fan Boy of any Hankook so called seasonal tires. ROFL : Let me reword my short statement - NOT a fan Boy of Hankook tires in general!
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    Hankook Kinergy GT - slippery on snow and ice

    I as well not a huge Fan Boy of any Hankook so called seasonal tires.
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    6.4 hemi truck motor (silly srt oil requirement)

    The only thing I read was: FCA/SRT group & Shell worked together on the SRT 0W-40 oil & created the formulation with a large dose of Moly. More then any other locally shelf stocked 0W-40 oil. Me personally: If I had chosen the 6.4L instead of my 6.7L I would run the SRT 0W-40 Or Red Line. You...
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    Most popular All-Season Tire for an AWD

    Thank you edyvw: For sharing your experiences.