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    New RAV4 Immediate 2000 Mile Trip

    I just went through this in my RAV4. It is difficult to hold the rpm where you want it on this 8 speed unless you start manually shifting the thing. Occasionally it would go up to higher revs than I would have liked during break in; it went to red once or twice. Use sport mode and ignore your...
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    2022 Camry 2.5 fuel dilution/viscosity selection question

    I am getting same mileage in my 2023 rav4 LE, currently with 5w30 PUP. Next up is 5w30 Kirkland as my summer intervals are too short for premium oil. I am going to blend 0w20PP 0w30 euro lx for our very cold winter. Initially had full 0w30 Euro after the ff drain but am concerned it is a bit...
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    Overfilling by 0.5 qt - ‘17 Miata

    Since this thread was re opened. OP i would try what Ride Red suggested. Also maybe put the larger RX8 oil filter on if there is clearance and maybe it will be only a very slight overfill (100ml?) which is insignificant compared to half a quart extra.
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    2024 crosstrek burning oil after 1,000 miles on oil change

    Where is everyone at in terms of using a higher calcium content xW30/40 euro oil in these direct injection engines? How soon was the FF 0w16 dumped out of this? Did it burn any of that?
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    I’m tired of manual transmission

    I do enjoy the 8spd AT in the new Toyota. But an MT that is shifting right is a pleasure to drive and as easy as walking. My mazda2 is nibbling gears again unless I match revs. Something is wrong with the hydraulic system, I can bleed it to perfection but then it gets squishy after hard...
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    What 0w16 are you using in your newer toyota?

    Using 0W30 Euro LX in my A25. Yes the engine still makes odd DI noises on and off but when they are off it doesn’t sound like a diesel chattering away anymore. Might be a slight increase of fuel use during startup, but otherwise still returning fantastic fuel efficiency numbers when the thing is...
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    Do some ECUs adjust for oil pressure?

    Since last post more than a year ago I have been running 5w40, and a brief stint back on 0w20, to compare again, the difference that viscosity makes on this particular engine/ecu. When running the 0w20 there is instant disappointment in throttle response, and with power being made across the...
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    Acura EL 1.7 (upscale Honda Civic) - Options for Manual Transmission Fluid?

    A couple of things here. This transmission should only take 1.5L-1.6L from bone dry. So if you were level and it took a full quart it was running quite low. Where in Canada and what is the overall condition of the car? If not a super cold climate I wouldn’t worry about the 75w90 in there one...
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    How many times have you switched sides on the thick vs. thin debate?

    I guess you can say twice. I ignored 5w20 and used 5w30 in vehicles “specifying” it. When I got a “0w20 spec’d” car I bought into the 0w20 oils for it and even though the w20 bothered me there were no signs of wear from using it, so I continued doing so for a few years. For another vehicle of...
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    Hyundai/Kia 2.5 Turbo oil

    I don’t think they had a choice. There’s not much margin left when you are supplying engines and paying dealerships to install them left right center in everything you produced the last decade.
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    How many times have you switched sides on the thick vs. thin debate?

    When I first saw 5w20 in the early 2000s I wasn’t a fan and continued to use 5w30. I bought into the 0w20 for about 6yrs when I got a new car in 2014, but later stumbled across much thicker Euro oils which in this one car of mine changes throttle control and cam timing drastically, and in...
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    0w30 in Nissan VQ30DE ?

    Second This. Had two 99's Maximas with almost the same engine as the OP's 2000, The lower mileage one (under a 100K miles) didn't burn oil yet, but the one with 140K miles and also well taken care of did start to use oil. I would use a XW40 or a Euro spec W30 in them if I went back in time.
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    Do I really need to change the oil filter?

    This. The filter and the oil are good for at least a year if not longer. If a quality filter, I wouldn't be against it staying on for two years.
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    0W20 for good protection?

    As I was discussing in a thread I started several weeks ago, my particular Mazda's ECU must know the oil pressure because when its as hot as it gets where I live, while using lower viscosity oil, the valve timing changes and power is cut where power does the most damage (hard launches and hard...
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    0w-20 recommendations...'23 Kia Soul 2.0 mpfi

    I have a friend who works at Hyundai turning wrenches. His family wouldn’t have much to eat if it weren’t how fast he has learned to swap engines for warranty claims. It’s easier for them to pull off the bumper /crashbar, lamps, rad/condenser and rad support than try to wrestle an engine out and...
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    Mazda factory fill question

    How do you find the factory tune? Are there any dead spots? Rev hang? I’d imagine there is room for improvement with a tune, but probably not too bad considering its a sports car. Anything can be tuned to make 0w20 optimal and safe to use, just look at what Toyota has done with the detuned B58...
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    Do some ECUs adjust for oil pressure?

    @Bill W. Which Model Mazda with which engine and transmission? Looking back, I have questions about other makes and models too. So many cars in this segment drove terrible in regards to throttle response and power cutting during shifting. The Ford Fiesta had a god awful rev hang condition, so...
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    Do some ECUs adjust for oil pressure?

    I'm very interested in figuring this out. I have a veepak reader and Dash Command app. It comes down to finding the time to do the somewhat controlled runs with each viscosity. I will also take video of the runs. The videos alone should show the differences, especially at highway speeds where...
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    Do some ECUs adjust for oil pressure?

    Ive driven this car since 6k miles and have driven others. They all have had the same performance characteristics. Its not worn out at the mere 47k miles it’s got on the clock. Read the last paragraph of what you responded to, I am able to trick the ECU to dropping out of the Eco mode into a...
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    Do some ECUs adjust for oil pressure?

    This is the funny thing about this vehicle. It does feel supercharged (in comparison of course) while it is warming up, when using a lower viscosity oil as recommended. Once it warms up to operating temperature, it just drops, like a stone, into a mode, which completely retards the timing and...