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    Post your latest oil change

    First non dealer oil change on my wife's Escape-Edge 5w30 and Motorcraft filter
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    Different states roads, different noise levels

    I picked up a 2023 Escape ST a couple of months that had Bridgestones that are noisy as heck, at least compared to the Michelins there were on its predecessor. On Interstates here in Georgia they are noisy. A couple of weekends ago we went over to South Carolina and they were fine. Any thoughts.
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    NAPA 5w30 synthetic

    This is one of the bulk oils used at a shop I'm considering using. Guessing it's Valvoline which should be fine. It would be going in a 2018 Escape with a 2.0 Ecoboost
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    Mystery part on a 2008 3.0 Ford Duratec

    Well, the mystery has been solved Michael, you are correct, it was an ignition coil. The spark plug even blew out and damaged the head When the shop called to tell me what it was I was told "Sit down and get a beer" So, after 16 years and 214 k miles "That's all folks"
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    Who makes BMW's "store brand" oil?

    Just wondering. Thanks
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    Mystery part on a 2008 3.0 Ford Duratec

    Notice the hose on the left side to which nothing is attached and has a cracked gasket and a mystery spring. Might someone know what it goes to? Thanks
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    I've popped another ignition coil

    Thanks everyone! Motorcraft coils are $20 more than Bosch, NGK but its worth it. Will use the Mahle gaskets as well
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    Valvoline Synthetic Oil

    I've soured on Valvoline since they were purchased by the Saudi government
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    I've popped another ignition coil

    In my 2008 V6 Mercury Mariner with now 210k miles, I've gone through now three of them in the past couple of years. And, they have all been on the rear bank of cylinders. I do have valve cover gasket seepage which may be worse on the rear bank. Could there be a link? Thanks
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    Weird private-label tire names

    Then there's either "Fireyear" or "Goodstone". "Mom" Unser, the mother of Al Sr. and Bobby, had this jacket she wore to the races. Al was on Firestones and Bobby was on Goodyears. So, she got a Firestone jacket and a Goodyear jacket of the same design, cut them in half and stitched them...
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    Weird private-label tire names

    Isn't "Blue Streak" what Goodyear used on racing and performance tires before they went to "Eagle"?
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    2018 Escape with 19's, 2008 Mariner with 17's

    Conti Pro Contacts, second set, on 18. Michelin Cross Climates on the 08. First set was "SUV's", second set "2's" Never a problem
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    On the 2018 Escape, 2.0, Motorcraft 5/30 blend with Motorcraft filter. On the 2008 Mariner 3.0, Motorcraft 5/20 blend and Motorcraft filter. Never a problem with these products
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    500,000 mile motor oil?

    Just another gimmick. Pennzoil is good at that. That's why I don't buy it
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    Post your latest parts purchase

    PCV valve for a 2008 Mercury Mariner V6, OE from the dealer, same price as aftermarket. This weekend will be Monroe OE Spectrum front quick struts and Raybestos Element 3 pads and rotors. Tires are due at next rotation, either Firestone Destination LE3 or Goodyear Maxlife
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    What kind of oil do you use?

    The 2008 V6 Mariner has had 90% of its changes with Motorcraft 5w-20 blend. The 2018 Escape has had all of its changes on Motorcraft 5w-30 blend. The lawnmowers always run Castrol 30wt
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    2023 preowned Golf GTI S

    It's a basic car, 1000 miles on it and has a manual transmission. The VW dealer thst has it is asking $7000 over Blue Book. Is there something I don't understand or are they just trying to pull a "rip off"?
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    What happened to Fram oil filters?

    They used to be tops, now at least the orange ones seem to be junk
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    Post your latest oil change

    Motorcraft 5w-20 blend with a Motorcraft filter. It is a 2008 Mariner with 198k miles, 90% of the changes have been with Motorcraft oil, 100% with a Motorcraft filter
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    New VW BRANDED OIL (have a look)

    Maybe they are consolidating their business with Porsche and Bentley already on board with Mobil