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    NGK V-Power Replacement Interval

    Just replaced my NGKs 2 weeks ago, started misfiring after about 35-40k.
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    1/4 inch Air Ratchet - I'm Sold

    I have this one, very useful for belts and valve covers. Made in Japan
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    what's up with gas prices?

    Its gone up slightly, but as long as its under $3 im happy.
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    Ridiculously short OCIs for Synthetic oil

    Severe 5k is normal. Most people go by the Normal schedule which is probably 7500.
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    Castrol GTX SynBlend - Any Good?

    I never use Castrol on my personal vehicles but at work we use bulk SynBlend all cars that dont require synthetic.
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    Driving More with These Low Gas Prices??

    I probably will be. Its 2.36 here, lowest its been since I started driving.
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    Torn between tool brands

    When I was in school I only had Snap on and Matco, I mostly bought from Snap on at 50%. I gave Matco a try and the wrenches, sockets and Compression/Vacuum gauges I got were made in Taiwan. Stock up on Snap on hand tools .
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    puro classic filter w synthetic oil?

    Buy a Fram Ultra and use it for 3 oil changes.
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    What oil for my 2015 Outback?

    Any 0W20. Im using Mobil1 right now because it was the cheapest, $22.66.
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    10k OCI with original filter

    Use the Fram Ultra for about $10. I have one on my car right now and plan on using it for 12k.
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    High mileage oils vs high mileage oils

    I have been using Defy and Maxlife for the past 3 or 4 oil changes and still had a minor leak. Switched to M1 HM and the leak is gone. Will continue using the M1.
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    2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5L; Motul 8100 X-Clean 5W/30

    Originally Posted By: Kuato Spec'd 0w20, using 5w30....looks great Only 2013+ Legacy uses 0w20
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    Creaking sound after lower control arm replacement

    2002 Mazda Protege Lower control arm is Raybestos. It also creaks a little when going from 1st gear.
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    Creaking sound after lower control arm replacement

    So I put the car on ramps and broke loose both of the bolts then tightened them back up. Also gave the bushings a couple squirts of silicone spray. I thought the noise was gone but then it came back when I was braking coming down a hill. I don't think the noise is as bad as before.
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    Creaking sound after lower control arm replacement

    I zipped them down with my impact gun while it was still in the air. Should I jack the car up and losen it a few turns then lower it and torque it down?
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    Creaking sound after lower control arm replacement

    I just replaced my lower control arm because the ball joint was shot and it only comes in one unit. After I replaced it, it started making creaking sounds when i brake to a complete stop. Thank you
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    Cold start kock, oil starved? OIl filter?

    1.8 Passats are one of the most unreliable cars ever, I feel sorry for you.
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    Accord 2004 100K...switch to synthetic?

    I switched from only conventional and blend to Mobil1 at 150k, no problems or leaks but I still consumed with any oil.
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    Subaru brake lube

    I've always used Syl Glide but hear good reviews on the 3M Silicone. It is expensive though.
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    Getting a sports-luxury vehicle

    Most Audis have skid plates with 10+ bolts. T25 and triple square. Acura should be easy.