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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    2003 Honda CR-V EX Out: 3.5 qts mix of Castrol Import Multi-Vehicle/Honda Z-1 In: 3.5 qts of Castrol IMV Simple drain and fill at 161,400 miles
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    Post your latest oil change

    2001 Toyota Tundra Limited; 59,362 miles Out: 6 qts 10W-30 Valvoline Nextgen; MGL3614 filter; ~5700 OCI In: 6 qts 10W-30 Valvoline Nextgen; MGL51348 (newer Wix version) filter 2010 Honda Civic LX; 59,624 miles Out: 4 qts 5W-20 Valvoline conventional; MGL57356 filter; ~5400 OCI In: 4 qts 5W-20...
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    Cooper CS5 review

    Have a H-rated set on a '03 CR-V with 20K miles so far and there was certainly a MPG hit that hasn't fully gone away. However, the tires have great grip due to the rubber having a bit more flex than comparable tires. I'll gladly trade sure footing for a small loss in MPG.
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    Gave M1 yet another chance only to disappoint...

    M1 made our '03 CR-V the quietest it has ever been.
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    Microguard (O'Reilly's) PH7317 clone -Used w/ pics

    Originally Posted By: Mike242GT I thought the O'Reilly's Microguard filters were made by Wix? I've used their MGL51334 before in Subarus with no issues. They were Fram before the switch-over which happened a little over a year ago?
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    DT Special Order tires

    Based on a chat with one of their reps, the Arizonian line is made by Cooper for DT/AT.
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    What is a good substitute for Nissan ATF for Titan

    Castrol Import ATF. Easily acquired on Amazon.
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    Costco testing out the Goodyear waters?

    Originally Posted By: HTSS_TR Originally Posted By: CKN Originally Posted By: JustinH We have a costco card and I like the store just fine. Even with 70 dollar off promo their prices are too high for what I buy. They seem to be only carrying super premium tires. I don't buy el-cheapos, but...
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    Automatic transmission longevity: fluids & OCI

    Vehicle is a 2003 CR-V. All I've ever heard about Hondas are to use OEM fluid, be it Z-1/DW-1 for the transmission or the specific power steering fluid. Since the power steering fluid on a Honda is an entirely different beast than regular ATF or PSF, I did a turkey baster drain and replaced the...
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    Castrol Import Trans Fluid A Good Substitution??

    Did a drain and fill with Castrol on an '03 CR-V and it shifts better than before.
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    2003 Honda CR-V (146,000 miles on odo) drain and fill Out: 3.6 qts of unknown (likely Z-1/DW-1) In: 3.6 qts of Castrol IMV (Import Multi-Vehicle) Transmission doesn't feel as lazy, shifts are strong and smooth.
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    Troubling Oil Report

    These TDIs can take quite some time for the break-in to occur; I've seen it go as long as 60,000 or more. Stick with a VW507 oil and drop back to 10K OCI.
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    '12 VW Passat TDI - Pennzoil Ultra Euro L 5w-30

    I'd stick with the Euro L on 10K changes for now. It's shear stable and TBN retention is strong (must be all the long drives!). I don't believe aluminum tracks with mileage so their suggestion of upping to 12K miles might not be a bad idea given the condition of the oil. Maybe try Mobil 1 ESP...
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    combined tire threads by Ram Man

    Originally Posted By: ram_man I was reading about the cooper cs5 touring tires. Apparently they d9 very well. Picking between the c5 the altimax and the kumho ta11 and ta71 which way would you lean? Any personal experience with the cooper tires? Love the CS5 Grand Tourings on our CR-V. Great...
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    combined tire threads by Ram Man

    Cooper CS5 Grand Touring.
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    oil for a 2011 VW TDI Golf with DPF delete

    Originally Posted By: Kamele0N Originally Posted By: riggaz Just because you remove the DPF doesn't mean you no longer need a low saps oil. Modern petrol engines obviously do not have DPF's but still often require a low saps oil. The modern TWC's often require a low saps oil as well as the DPF's...
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    Cooper CS5 Grand Touring or BF Goodrich Advantage

    Originally Posted By: Recalculating Originally Posted By: rhhsiao Have run these on GF's CR-V. Great tire, especially for the price. What tire are you referring to? Sorry, I meant the CS5 Grand Touring. The thread seemed to be going in that direction so I was just riding on the sentiment.
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    Cooper CS5 Grand Touring or BF Goodrich Advantage

    Have run these on GF's CR-V. Great tire, especially for the price.
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    Continental ControlContact Tour A/S?

    I have not had personal experience but I have heard the same thing that it's a America's/Discount Tire exclusive version of the TrueContact. The tread design is very similar and both carry the 90,000 mileage warranty with LRR.
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    Opinions on Falken Ziex ZE329 tires at Pep Boys

    If you can wait a couple days, America's/Discount Tire is likely running in-store sales. Their July 4th sale is usually loaded with rebates on top of manufacturer ones.