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    New information on PZ Ultra composition

    Can someone detail to me the seemingly vast superiority of PAO over Shell's XHVI basestock? Other then something along the lines of "OMG CUZ IT'S FAKE SYNTHETIC" because I'm really curious.
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    Which AMSOIL to use????

    Quote: Look at Red Line, esters galore and yet they still include an additive package loaded with anti wear goodies. Different esters, used for different reasons. Oh man.
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    Are all Fleetguard filters synthetic media?

    Because the filter for my application (FL400S) is darn cheap.
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    q state synthetic

    Is the Quaker state the same base oil as PP? That's an especially good Group III, is it not?
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    Any problem with mixing PP and YB? Blend ideas?

    Originally Posted By: Carzzz Pennzoil SUV/Minivan oil is synthetic blend! It's cheaper to make your own synthetic blend... Cheaper, yes. As effective? Probably not.
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    Any problem with mixing PP and YB? Blend ideas?

    Pennzoil does make a synth blend. The base stocks and additive packs of YB and PP are designed for those specific oils. You won't hurt anything, but you won't help anything, either.
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    Oil that makes your car run its best?

    Thusfar, my 93 Cougar runs best with Mobil 1 5w30.
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    GM Introduces Dexos I and Dexos II

    Originally Posted By: Kestas Realistically, what is the improvement in fuel economy with these new oils - 0.5%*? I can't get too excited over that. My "napkin" calculation shows that it saves roughly one gallon of gas per oil change. Big whoop. Multiply that number by every car in America.
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    Group II and III oils without any "polar content"

    Originally Posted By: Audi Junkie I've heard the Cononco blenders take a special cut off the hydrocracker to get polarized base oils for the Motorcraft product. Brad Penn claims something similar: "BRAD PENN® Penn Grade 1® High Performance Oils are formulated using a unique base oil cut from...
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    Considering Brad Penn 0W-30 for the winter.

    Pulled the trigger on a case. Going to run a shorter OCI now and then extend it through the winter. If I see any severe change in performance good or bad, I'll post it.
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    Considering Brad Penn 0W-30 for the winter.

    Gonna be lot's of cold starts and mixed driving for my 93 Mercury Cougar this winter, and this seems like a fine choice. What kind of an OCI can this oil pull off? I'm also considering Redline 0W30 and German Castrol, but the BP is the cheapest of the 3. The site also says quite a bit about the...
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    Why do people get all excited about moly?

    I'm seeing people lately act like if an oil is reformulated with less moly it is no longer as good, or if it is lacking it, then it's an inferior product. I'm not sure I follow the logic.
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    Small seal leak. Switch to Maxlife?

    There's always the Pennzoil HM oil, too.
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    Royal Purple Wear Test

    Originally Posted By: FastSUV RP gear oil is substandard and even dino is better than that...I drank the RP koolaid until I heard louder diffs with the stuff and saw the Amsoil test that showed some dinos out performing the 16 dollar a bottle RP gear oil. I can't speak to their engine oil...
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    Royal Purple Wear Test

    I wouldn't put much stock in those tests. RP seems like good stuff, though. I'm considering a run if I can find some on sale.
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    RP Max Gear

    You're entitled to your opinion, but care to share how you arrived at it?
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    PCMO vs HDEO

    I'd love to snag some Rotella 0w-30!