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    Nissan VQ35 -> Different Oil Recommendations In Europe vs. N.A.???

    il_signore97, Your alternative choice to GC is Esso XD3 0w-30. The oil is very similar in specs to GC and is inexpensive. I believe that it is available through Esso "bulk dealer" in Canada. Like GC, it is not an API "energy conserving" oil. Unfortunately, this oil is not availble in the States.
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    Nissan VQ35 -> Different Oil Recommendations In Europe vs. N.A.???

    il_signore97, I use the German Castrol 0w-30 with Lube Control in my 2000 Maxima that is due for an analysis of a 10+ month interval. I will be interested to see if it is as good as ekpolk's report. I formerly used the Amsoil ASL 5w-30 then the formulation was thicker in 2002. The best...
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    Schaeffers Supreme 7000 vs Mobil 1

    MG04 The Schaeffer Supreme 7000 is an excellent product and the best bang for the $$$. Its additive package is vastly superior to Mobil 1. I run it in my wife's Honda Odyssey. I ran it in my former vehicle, 1994 Nissan Altima, a known oil abuser. The results were very good for the 9 months...
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    Are Michelins overpriced and overrated OR

    Yes the S,T,H rated tires are overpriced. The Michelin Symmetry for the Odyssey minivan is $120.00 a tire. I replaced the tires with Kumho Solus H rated for $80 a tire and I could not be happier. The comparable MXV4 is $150 per tire. The high end Pilot Sport is not overpriced if you are talking...
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    Is GC the right oil for Nissan QR25DE 4 cyl 2.5 L

    Yes. Nissan's tend to like a heavier 30 weight oil such as GC 12.2 cST at 100 deg C. My 2k Maxima seems to like it. The Esso XD3 0w-30 is also a good choice based on the UOAs that have been posted.
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    GC+VSOT Should I?

    KBK, I believe the Mobil 5w-20 or the Mobil 1 10w-30 are better candidates for the VSOT. The Mobil 1 10w-30 is 20% thinner that GC so its a much better candidate for spiking.
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    Syntec 0w-30 in a Civic?

    If you want to go the xw-30 route, I would vote for the Mobil 1 10w-30, 10.2 cST at 100C, and its a thin 30 with no viscosity improvers. I think the GC is too thick and will lower performance and fuel economy. The other option mentioned before is spiking a 5w-20 with VSOT or Schaeffer's #132...
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    HOw does Schafer's stack up vs Mobil 1

    I would go with the Schaeffer's 7000 Blend over the Mobil 1 anyday. The additive package in the Schaeffer product is second to none. The other oil to consider is GC. The only downside to the Schaeffer would be a shorter 7,500 miles interval. Are you doing oil analysis for your extended drains?
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    Why does Infiniti recommend dino over syn?

    The most reasonable priced Group III oil is SuperTech Synthetic at WalMart. Do a search in the Used Oil Analysis (UOA) section for a Maxima that showed a decent report.
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    Why does Infiniti recommend dino over syn?

    don, I am not sure what Nissan/Infiniti is thinking. I have used synthetics in my 2k Maxima since 12k miles. I started with Mobil 1, went to Amsoil, and I am now using Castrol Syntec 0w-30 (GC as it is affectionately called here.) Your G35 prefers a "heavier" 30 weight but the manual allows...
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    LC and 5w20

    stang, I use LC with the Motorcraft 5w-20 in the wife's Honda Odyssey. I start with 2 oz at the change and add 1.5-2 oz every 1500 to 2000 miles. If you want to use an M1 30 weight, I would go with the 10w-30 since it is thinner 10.2 cST at 100 deg C versus 5w-30 11.2 cST at 100C and it has...
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    LC/FP vs. Auto-Rx

    Yes, but it is not recommended. LC is a cheaper form of maintenance where as Auto RX is the better deep cleaner.
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    synthetic blend

    dodge1, Motorcraft's (ConocoPhillips) 5w-30 is a great synthetic blend like their 5w-20 spec'd for Ford/Mazda and Honda. It is tough to beat $2 a quart at WalMart.
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    Synthetic blend

    Schaeffer's 7000 Blend is a great oil. Since you are in a moderate climate, go with the 10w-30. I have had good luck with the 10w-30 in Nissan engines that abuse oil.
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    Best Bang for the Buck....

    Denny, Do the Blackstone with Total Baseline Analysis coupled with Terry Dyson's commentary. By doing that, you can fine tune the perfect interval for your fleet.
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    lube control and high mileage oil

    tweeker, If you worried about seal conditioning at 80k, do a regimen of auto rx. The auto rx will do a much better job of helping your seals than high mileage oil. Lube Control fights oxidation and controls insolubles in the oil allowing a longer drain interval.
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    GC in Ferrari V8

    Since GC meets many of the Euro car and ACEA standards, I would say yes. I agree with BlueWorld, Redline is a good match for a racing type engine.
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    Dino Oil vs. Synthetic Blend vs. Synthetic

    KC, For top shelf dino, Chevron/Texaco Havoline, Pennzoil, or Castrol GTX. For synblend, Schaeffer is the best by far. It has the best additive package of any oil on the market. A great bang for the $$$. Synthetic is a tougher call. It depends on the vehicle/engine. A year ago I would have...
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    Pick an Oil : G35 V6 (vq-35) : Amsoil, Redline, Mobil 1 : 40wts only!

    ekpolk is correct, again. The VQ will not give up MPG with GC. With these 40 weights, your MPG might go down a bit and I am not convinced that these oils will protect your engine any better. With the Redline oils, I am not convinced that you need their XW-40. Either of the xw-30 will work fine...
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    Which oil after Auto-RX-Pathfinder

    spande, The GC should work better for the VQ since it likes heavier 30 weight. I have been happy with in my 2k Maxima and the oil analysis reports tend to show this versus Mobil 1. Unfortunately, I will not have an oil analysis until May or so. If going with Mobil 1, choose the EP 5w-30 since...