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  1. twouvakind

    Weird private-label tire names

    Priority has a few oddball brands.
  2. twouvakind

    What's wrong with my oil extractor?

    6L capacity, works for my applications. Free shipping and lifetime replacement through FCPEuro. Or browse it through CTA tools site.
  3. twouvakind

    Who knows about gas RC helicopters

    How are you going to manhandle a 48' pole cobbled together with duct tape?
  4. twouvakind

    Mod con boiler power switch welded shut??

    Hit it with some DeoxIt, worth $20 for the can and good for many other applications. But prepare for switch bypass.
  5. twouvakind

    Big Boy Locomotive Came to Nor Cal.

    Google "last of the giants union pacific railroad" for a fascinating look at a day in the life of Big Boy when originally in service.
  6. twouvakind

    Grammar police, pet peeve.

    A lot of good stuff here to documentate.
  7. twouvakind

    Old Auto Tech That You LIKE?

    A lever on the steering column put the vehicle in or out of gear, not turn the wipers on or off.
  8. twouvakind

    For those who over maintain their cars, just wanted to offer another viewpoint.

    The car did what it was designed to do with more than adequate maintenance.
  9. twouvakind

    Would an additional 4 lbs. per tire be noticeable? (tire weight, not air)

    Don't know about you but the title suggested PSI to me, is weighing a tire a thing?
  10. twouvakind 10% off Summer Sale

    Great site and @Trav approved if I am not mistaken. Offer good till 7/7.
  11. twouvakind

    Pirate joke

    He might still have his eye!
  12. twouvakind

    NYC trip with kids!

    Water taxi's, don't forget the SI Ferry.
  13. twouvakind

    Wife is making grumblings about new vehicle....

    I bought a lease return 2021 HR-V from the wholesale market with 32k on the clock, non GDI 1.8l and a CVT. Wife loves it.
  14. twouvakind

    What are things you will never do again?

    Donate any more organs.
  15. twouvakind

    Four Way Stop Sign Intersections

    "First to arrive, first to be given the right of way". You really aren't given anything at said intersection, the other driver(s) has to yield to you. It happens less and less these days.
  16. twouvakind

    New truck?!?
  17. twouvakind

    Post your latest beer consumption

    Lagunitas Beast of Both Worlds, bi costal IPA. 8% abv. Available at Target, YMMV. Yesterday, a Founders KBS spicy chocolate stout on tap, 12% abv.
  18. twouvakind

    Bleeding the brakes on my ‘17 Civic

    Wise choice on the SpeediBleed OP.