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    Split-Beam Torque Wrench Calibration

    If it's anything like our stuff it all has to be NIST traceable for the calibration.
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    BEST LOW COST Espresso Machine??

    I'd suggest the aeropress with a kettle for cheap and good. It's what I use currently. My parents have a Delonghi automatic one that made a pretty decent cup though. It was about $800 or so I believe but think it goes on sale for about 500 from time to time.
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    Test, Please Ignore this email

    I'd guess it's some sort of scam. That domain is at least not in use for any sort of website. I'd send it straight to spam. Do that a couple times and most email providers will start sending all of them to spam instead of your inbox.
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    Craftsman X-Tract Technology™ Hex Bit Sockets

    We use a lot of those style fasteners at work. Might see if they'll buy me a set to test out.
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    Help me understand what was done to the paint on this Porche Macan

    Could also be plastidip instead of a vinyl wrap too.
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    Lathe spindle bearings

    So that grease is hard to find and expensive at 120 bucks a tube. The lubriplate though Looks to be a good substitute. Same base, almost the same oil viscosity 140 vs 150 cst. Looks like it's a nlgi 1 instead of 2 but should be fine for this use, and a similar temp range. At 15-20 bucks a tube...
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    Lathe spindle bearings

    What grease does the manufacturer recommend? At least then we know what we are looking for. These guys often sell smaller tubes of the specialty greases so you can get just what you need.
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    "Per-filters" for hot water heaters

    I'm not familiar with this specific filter but what I've found before is the cheaper ones work just fine but have significantly less of the active media inside. Just for example we have high chlorine at my house so I use a whole house carbon filter. The pentek filter is about twice as much but...
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    Pole building - How much to do spray foam

    Well the kits will run you about 2$ a board foot. Professional install is going to be about that or more. Though if everything is open it's less work for the installers. How high on the walls and are you doing the ceiling as well?
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    Wireless charging issue

    Definitely possible if the antenna and charging coils are too close or improperly shielded.
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    Best Grease for Yukon Extreme Hardcore U Joints

    Those are different sounds like they're metal on metal with no bearings. The anti-sieze recommendation makes me think they want pretty much all solids for the lube. I'd stick with the anti-sieze of maybe a moly paste.
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    It's tax time

    Used TurboTax for the last couple of year but switched to freetaxusa last year. For some reason TurboTax kept deciding I owed like 10k in additional taxes and wanted me to pay 100 bucks to explain how they came up with that number.
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    Do gas stations shut off pumps to order fuel ?

    That doesn't sound quite right to me. I worked a gas station when I was in high school and we had a 3 10,000 gallon tanks. Stopping the pumps wouldn't have changed our measurements much at all.
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    Difference between black oxide and zinc plated hardware?

    Thread size and strength are separate measurements so there is no reason a manufacturer can't mix and match. Sae grade is measured in PSI Metric class is measured in MPa
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    Difference between black oxide and zinc plated hardware?

    Sae strength is in grade Metric strength is class Both the higher the number the stronger the bolt Most Common ones are grade 2, 5, and 8 which are equivalent to 4, 8.8. 10.9. metric 12.9 is also pretty common and stronger than grade 8...
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    Difference between black oxide and zinc plated hardware?

    Black oxide has minimal corrosion resistance. It mostly exists to prevent galling and cosmetic reasons. Zinc has a higher corrosion resistance. Cost is just because BO is cheaper to make than electro plating zinc...
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    Run central AC unit on generator

    You would hope but not always and even the usually not as good as it could be. Most residential stuff treats power factor as an afterthought if it's addressed at all. That's because in most areas at least in the US charge by the KW father than KVA like most commercial and industrial. KVA is...
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    Run central AC unit on generator

    Or overcorrected if its too big for the load. You do actually want something to remove the start cap from the circuit. PTC or relay are the most common.
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    Run central AC unit on generator

    Current as in power not current as in amps. Diodes pass alternating current or direct current in one direction. They don't control current as in amps. There aren't any devices that I'm aware that can directly control amperage except as a function of using it for work This confusion is probably...
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    Run central AC unit on generator

    That makes sense. This thread is just really getting alot more detailed than the OP really requested. For a soft start though the freq is equal to the line freq the entire time. In the US that's 60Hz. The soft start starts at a lower voltage and then as the motor begins to move faster and faster...