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    Are you glad your dad (or mom) taught you the value of hard work?

    My parents are divorced and still provided me with priceless life lessons…I am so grateful for them and how they raised me. My grandparents were legal immigrants, making my father 1st generation citizen. He spent a lot of time showing me and arguing with me about the value of a dollar. That I...
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    2022 Toyota Tacoma Transmission Temp Scanner

    Honestly OP, just drop the extra coin and get a Scangauge…
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    What's your preferred burger cooking method?

    Griddle or smoker…haven’t touched my BBQ in over a year.
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    Calling all Tundra/Sequoia 5.7 V8 owners! Why not purchase? Why yes?

    I have a 2020 5.7 Tundra 4x4 and I have no problems getting 17 MPG’s. The more conservative you drive the better the gas mileage gets… I have quite a few friends and family members that own newer V8 domestics (Ram/Ford/Chevy). They only average 1-2 MPG’s better than mine but smaller...
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    Toyota Apologizes for Cheating on Vehicle Testing

    I find the following aspect about any Toyota debate the same and beyond comical: Many Toyota owners and potential Toyota buyers complained day in day out about how boring their vehicles are. How they were behind every “major” manufacturer in technology and advancements. Blah blah blah… Guess...
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    Lg washing machine soap dispenser leaking

    I pulled all the blue trays out and just use pods. The water sprays bounces off those trays and down the side. Mine has completely stopped since removing…
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    2022 Toyota Tacoma SR5, V6

    I have owned quite a few Tacomas (1st & 2nd gen’s). I think they are great truck regardless of generation. Obviously there are significant pros and cons of each gen but overall a solid truck. The 4Runner rides slightly better in the comfort department but it towed poorly IMHO and was...
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    warranty calls for tool destruction !

    I had to destroy and photograph a tonneau cover before I got the free replacement
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    Genuine Toyota or aftermarket brake pads

    No in all honesty. Just over the counter and box auto part stores brakes.
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    Genuine Toyota or aftermarket brake pads

    I have never had a good experience with any aftermarket brake on Toyotas. In my experience I have found no brake pad (never tried performance types) to match the lack of noise, longevity, and performance of Toyota pads. Many mechanics have tried to convince me otherwise but in all honesty I...
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    Michelin CrossClimate2 Tires

    I have these on my Rav4 and they are phenomenal. They did great in the snow this morning. Well worth the little extra hum and slight decrease in MPG’s. I would pick these up in a heartbeat if the made them in a P rated stock size for my Tundra. A set is going on my wife’s car in the spring.
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    Shingles -The Illness

    I got an outbreak near my ear and face. Initially I thought is was an ear infection (worst ear pain in my life) but then I got patches on my face and ear which looked like “dead skin”. It got very close to my one eye and I have to go on heavy duty anti viral meds which was rough because it...
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    3PMSF tests outlined

    I never said the LTX was a dedicated snow tire. I said it performed better in light/moderate snow and ice than most aggressive thread AT tires with the 3PMSF rating. I wouldn’t consider the high passes in Colorado as a place that gets “moderate” snow by any stretch of the imagination. There...
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    3PMSF tests outlined

    Respectfully, I disagree. However it’s not a simple yes or not as to whether it better or not. Driving style (heavier vehicle=longer stopping distances in snow **A LONG LOST CONCEPT THESE DAYS) plays the majority role here, but location and vehicle are also important factors. In my...
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    What are the worst tires you've used?

    Overall, Goodyear takes the cake. In my personal experiences the vast majority of tires I have used from them have been absolute garbage in the rain, snow, and ice. The Tripletred was a good a sedan tire in these conditions. The Duratracs were good in the snow until about 15k then performance...
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    Frame replacement

    Personally, I would walk away as soon as possible. Some things are never the same once touched and in your case OP it’s sounds like you “really” use your truck. I had a 2.5 year vehicle that had severe rust. The manufacturer/dealership really did do right by. I didn’t spend a penny on having...
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    Your Best and Worst MPG Car

    2018 Rav4: 28 (commuter) 2020 Tundra: 17 (90% highway very little short tripping)
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    Author You Would Most Like To Have A Beer With

    E. B. Sledge…he wouldn’t have to ever buy a beer in my presence.
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    Review of BF Goodrich KO2 A/T Tires (37x12.5x17)

    I have ran several generations of the KO on SUV’s and pickups (midsize only). When you get off the beaten path they are excellent. Never had a complaint in rough conditions and deep snow. However in the rain, light snow, and ice they are inaccurately rated as being good. They are NOT imho...