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  1. Warwagon

    FVP R7356 C&P Media failure

    Wix XP and Castrol GTX 5W-20 High Mileage.
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    FRAM PH3614 C&P 3 Year Continuous Oil Change

    Exactly this. It's a minivan in bad shape with 280K plus on it. Seriously who cares about a minivan that had whatever oil drinking problem defect from the factory other than point A to B? Oil change cost is technically a "Total Loss" expense. That's including it's weight at the scrapyard after...
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    FVP R7356 C&P Media failure

    This was serviced at an oil change place before it was obtained "used low miles". Not the fault/choice of the current owner.
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    FRAM PH3614 C&P 3 Year Continuous Oil Change

    2006 3.8L Dodge Caravan. When you burn this much oil why bother changing it? So they just added oil for a little over 3 years. Engine run low on oil often as well. As in lifter clatter nothing on the dipstick low. Around 280K on it and did I mention they do not really care at this point...
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    FVP R7356 C&P Media failure

    The one time an oil filter has to actually do it's job this FVP doesn't. Verified Proven Failure to go the distance. Media tear both ends of two pleats. Tears are either side of the metal media crimp. ADV very stiff. (ADV Not really needed the way the filter is mounted in this application.)...
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    Small pebbles in small engine from factory?

    Maybe came off a plastic/nylon camshaft or other internal engine parts about to completely fail. This is literally reading "part numbers" in the oil. Run it for "fun" but I wouldn't want to depend on this to generate electric power in an emergency. Remaining debris (if it was just that) can go...
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    You guys experiencing wild used car prices?

    It's difficult to qualify High Performance when most of the econobox vehicles have a lot better power "standard" than in the past. Don't mess with a Tesla... Sadly the 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat was killed off for 2022 due to evaporative emission laws put in place by the Obama...
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    Why does Honda insist on using timing belts instead of chains?

    From the vehicle that brought the question up: They didn't. The replacement used Honda vehicle has a belt replacement in it's near future. 😒 Clearly Honda uses belts because it's not a deterrent to those buying them new, who dump the vehicle before it needs expensive maintenance, and even those...
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    I helped my daughter with a bad vehicle situation

    The pulsing brakes can be due to driving style. This can be easily "fixed". Simply roll the vehicle after a few seconds, every few seconds after a hard/panic stop to evenly cool the rotors. Otherwise part of the hot rotor that is under the hot brake pads doesn't cool. This causes the metal to...
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    My service dog got hit by a car this morning.

    Nightmare scenario. 😭 Sometimes it's a two year wait to get a Service Dog. Then the time training and working with the service dog make this even more tragic. (Ballpark for those who may not know: It's 12 - 16 weeks of hard work training for a Public Access Course alone.) I hope you share...
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    Slotted rotors or no?

    The drilled rotors like to crack around the holes. Both are disposable as no one wants to risk their tooling to turn either slotted or drilled rotors. IMO most rotors are trash when the pads are done. Due to hot spots typically from sitting after a panic stop without rolling some to evenly cool...
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    It’s Official: Generator Ban Passes in California

    And note Arizona has dropped off the list. "One Standard for ALL 50 States". No reason I should subsidize CA Emissions on the window sticker of a new vehicle. Are you aware how much of the window sticker is just for emissions? For example new Diesel engines here have to meet stricter NOx...
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    It’s Official: Generator Ban Passes in California

    And for a good reason. While they tripped over themselves for vehicles CARB ignored other sources. Deep Pocket sources like Farming. They love useless paperwork for say air compressor engines on a tire service truck. Vehicles and small engines are easy "Feel Good" targets where the owners don't...
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    It’s Official: Generator Ban Passes in California

    Exactally. That's not all. What it smells like is also really really bad. You get all the bad air and it smells indescribable as the 50,000 head cow lots stink the place up. A manure pile catching fire is the highlight of this... Yeah the LA commuters take advantage of the affordable...
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    It’s Official: Generator Ban Passes in California

    But there is more to California than just LA. The San Joaquin Valley, even with CARB, has gotten worse in the past 20 years. It's has to rain that night to be able to see the mountains anymore. They are running out of "easy" things to change and will have to start going after deep pockets...
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    Main differences in a 3/4 and 1 ton Pick up?

    As the gas vs. Diesel was already hashed out in another tread... Look at registration. Arizona requires you to have "commercial" plates on a 1 ton where a 3/4 doesn't require them. Check insurance rates...
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    Your Opinion of best used Pick Up for Towing

    Can this purchase wait? Fuel prices may have the "value" of big vehicles coming down combined with supply shortages easing up. If not buy a new one at the end of December as it's year end blowout for the numbers. Used is crazy for prices so you are better off new. New also has Lemon Law...
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    Best and worst Diesel pick up engines?

    Consider a used Medium Duty as they can be cheaper than a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup. Gasoline can be a better choice as mentioned. V6 gas engines generally go for 250K miles unmolested. Diesels will be asking "What's in Your Wallet?" for a injector set and/or other expensive repairs before 250K...
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    UOA 11 year old oil and follow up UOA for LP Onan RV generator

    Onan KY 3600W 3600RPM generator. Purchased RV from original owners. "Here are the manuals." Opening up the generator manual I was surprised they had filled out the "maintenance or service performed" section. But wait: it looks like they only did two oil changes in the first two of 13 years of...
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    how low on oil can a standard car get before there is a mechanical problem

    4 quarts total isn't exactally a lot of oil to start with. Down one quart. That's 25% of the engine oil capacity gone. 1/2 quart more is close to 62% of the engine oil capacity left. Just 1/2 quart more for a total of two quarts low is 50% of the oil capacity. How many miles are you going on...