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    Leaky sels best additive??

    Originally Posted by Ihatetochangeoil ATP-205 The stuff actually works. I've saved replacing two rack & pinion steering gears and a front main seal. It may take several days of actual driving, but, IMHO, if ATP-205 doesn't...
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    Opinion Of Dodge Nitro

    The 3.7 is noisy, and these & Liberties are prone to electrical and transfer case issues.
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    Do you recognize manufacturer specific sounds?

    I could easily recognize a Ford 300 being started blindfolded.
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    I hate brakes....

    Back to the OP; having worked at AAP for a time, I can say assuredly that their "Ceramic" brakes (orange box) are absolute garbage. One of our guys had them on a 99 Ram 1500 and they lasted 4 months, no more than 5k miles before being worn to 25% and severely glazed. We had so many returns that...
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    '98 Protege Z5 (1.5L) engine #.

    Yes, its probably a before/after break for the last 6 of the vin.
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    Brad/Penn Oil

    Where are you getting it for $35?
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    pentofrost nf in a honda

    G11 doesn't have 2EHA but still.
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    pentofrost nf in a honda

    Pentofrost NF is G11. I wouldn't use it in a Honda, just get the right stuff.
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    1997 Olds with Dexcool

    If its a 3.4L DO NOT use Dexcool.
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    Soft Brakes/Bleeding Brakes on a 1988 GMC Suburban

    You'll be amazed how much the pedal will firm up with new hoses if they haven't been replaced in the past decade.
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    Toyota/Denso Japan vs. Repco - cutaway

    Rock Auto has them.
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    Ford Taurus all crudded up

    Taurus' are very susceptible to brown sludge due to use of Dexclones. I've seen it many times first-hand.
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    Duracell versus Autocraft Battery

    Yes the Autocrafts are still made by Johnson Controls save for a few of the european group numbers.
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    I had to post this here (Oil filter supressor)

    This couldn't be more perfect for this forum.
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    05 Civic Oil Consumption??

    You don't want to go too thick; you can mess with the Vtec system.
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    Should I continue on 30K ATF Drain / Refills

    50k maybe for a flush but that's way too long for a drain and fill. 30k is good, I personally do it every 3rd or 4th oil change which for me winds up being 15-20k.
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    Can I put this in my 95 accord's automatic?

    I'm pretty sure a 95 Accord would have spec'd Dexron II/III.
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    Ask someone the last time they checked the oil and

    I currently work at a national parts chain. I'm amazed on a daily basis how completely clueless and helpless people are when it comes to cars. People depend on this machine to take them tens or hundreds of miles a day and have no idea the most basic concept of how it or its systems work. I...
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    Added coolant filter to my tractor (pics)

    I'd be very interested to see this filter cut open right about now.
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    would a optima redtop fit?

    The adapter comes with them. It's just a height adapter.