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  1. BayouTodd

    I need the best penetrating oil

    Kroil by Kano is my go to, maybe cause I use it on my 84+ yr old hot rod?
  2. BayouTodd

    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    My wife recently acquired a 1974 Super Beetle and I just did the 1st oil change on it using Valvoline racing full syn 20w50 VR1 due to its high zinc content w/a WIX spin on filter (her bug has a spin on adapter added) Wally world has this oil down to $8.66qt online. For the last 10 yrs I had a...
  3. BayouTodd

    "Low Coolant" light doesn't vanish.

    My Pontiac does that too sometines, as mentioned take the coolant level sensor out and either replace with a new one or just try cleaning off the crude on the end of the sensor and reinstall, that HAS worked for me in the past too. YMMV
  4. BayouTodd

    02 WS6 Trans Am. Which oil and filter?

    Oil filter ACDelco UPF44 (discontinued) I have a stash of these Oil GC, I have a stash of this too And my toy ride is this, 99 w/69k miles
  5. BayouTodd

    What is the Best Oil Filter on the Market?

    Originally Posted By: RISUPERCREWMAN For the money Motorcraft! Recognize that screename from f150online forums... I use OE brand filters; Motorcraft for my ford, Nissan for my Nissan, Delco for my GM
  6. BayouTodd

    1999 Firebird -- Rear end kicking out over bumps

    Their is NO rear end alignment needed for solid axle cars, you might try and read up some more on your car. I have a 99 bird too.
  7. BayouTodd

    Valvoline not making true Mercon V anymore?

    I picked up 6 qts of this over the weekend after an atf fluid wild goose chase, why is mercon v so hard to find? Also, this product has a strong odd odor, anyone ever notice that?
  8. BayouTodd

    Oil Cooler Added to 06 Brute 750

    Some useful links I found while looking for a coolant temp gauge for my brute force 650 And fwiw, F150 owner here too...
  9. BayouTodd

    Castrol GREEN in Brute Force 650 ATV

    I have a good supply of Castrol GREEN, I was wondering if their are any reasons NOT to run this in my new to me Kawasaki Brute Force 650 w/250 hours?
  10. BayouTodd

    Anyone ever heard of G-Oil?

    Back to life, now in Walmart
  11. BayouTodd

    2011 Ford F-150

    Too bad your not closer, I have an 08 f150 Lariat Supercrew w/5.4 and 30k miles I am about to sell...
  12. BayouTodd

    Pennzoil Ultra 5w20 - 7,000 miles - 2008 Scion xB

    On a side note: our tC is a 2005 and other than one rattle, the car has performed flawless for 100k miles since we bought it new, you scion owners have the same experience? FWIW-we run Castrol "green" and a toyo oil filter.
  13. BayouTodd

    DSL slow at night...what could be the case?

    Or do like I did and dump dsl for vdsl, I get 10megs now and NO slow down at night during peak rush hour times :) I use att u-verse, super pleased thus far.
  14. BayouTodd

    What's In Your All-In-One/Sealant/Wax Stash?

    I see we have plenty of fellow Autopians here, notice my seceret hand shake... For me: too many to list here and too embarrased to do so
  15. BayouTodd

    Show pictures of your oil stash

    I am only posting what I consider to be my "Oil holy grail" However, for my daily drivers I keep some on hand too but not in this qty, it has taken me a LONG time and this effort was costly too I might ad And a lot of you on this forum have sold me bits and pieces to make this up. Please dont...
  16. BayouTodd

    2011 Mustang GT 5.0: First change

    To the OP: I see you live in AL, were you and your car at the Hot Rod Power Tour when it went thru B-ham and Mobile? seems I remember seeing a 2011 in the BLUE color thursday or friday?? Awesome car.
  17. BayouTodd

    4l60e and Dex VI issue

    I filled a gallon jug plus what went on my tarp, rags, and garage floor...I say darn close to 5qts. Thanks for the ALLDATA confirm. Headed out to Hot Rod Power Tour Thursday :-)
  18. BayouTodd

    4l60e and Dex VI issue

    I recently changed my fluid in my 4l60e pan and filter on my gm fbody then buttoned her back up and then added 5 qts of Dex VI and brought the tranny up to operating temp (35 miles), problem is, the fluid is so clean and thin, I really can't tell exactly where it is in the cross hatched area...
  19. BayouTodd

    Castrol "DEX/MERC" atf ok for gm 4l60e?

    Did the drain and filter, added the ST Dex VI...thanks.