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    Stihl FS45 Trimmer Issues

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! I do have an extra carburetor for this trimmer (brand new), so I will probably install it and see if that helps first - and of course I'll have to adjust it but YouTube has some good videos on how to do that. My Stihl doesn't seem to have a spark arrestor, just...
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    Stihl FS45 Trimmer Issues

    Thanks for the responses! I'll also admit that I typically do not drain the fuel from my trimmer and blower at the end of the season, although I always drain the gas/oil mix out of my Stihl chainsaw after using it because I use it so infrequently. I think I will start draining out the fuel from...
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    Stihl FS45 Trimmer Issues

    We have a Stihl FS45 two stroke trimmer that is about 15 years old and has been used quite extensively during that time. My guess would be that it has roughly 150 to 200 hours on it. Over the last few years, it smokes quite a bit and it has slowly lost power during that time. Smoke is bluish, so...
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    CVT Reliability and Durability

    CVT's appear to be one of those items that look good on paper (or on a computer screen with CAD software), but don't deliver over the long term in real life. What many of you are saying echo the same concerns I have over these transmissions. Some of you also mentioned concerns over the new...
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    CVT Reliability and Durability

    It has been quite a while since I've purchased a vehicle, and since then I've noticed that more and more auto manufacturers are employing CVT transmissions in their vehicles. I suspect this is partly due to CAFE requirements by the federal government and maybe they're also a bit cheaper for the...
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    NYPD: Rookies get Better Guns

    Originally Posted By: HosteenJorje S&W Model 10 M&P with 4" barrel, that's what they need.Keep em from shooting a toe off. The NYPD used the Model 10 revolver for many years (from 1926 to 1986, according to Wikipedia). It's a very fine gun and it is very reliable. The problem with it is that...
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    NYPD: Rookies get Better Guns

    It appears that the NYPD Glock 17's are limited to 15 rounds. The only advantage the 17's now have over the Glock 19 is that the 17's have a longer barrel, which would be a bit more accurate in a firefight. I understand why they had them customized to accept only 15 rounds - it allows...
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    Who has a car that does not use oil?

    It depends on how "using oil" is defined. Does it mean the oil must stay completely at the full level during an OCI or does it mean that a slight drop on the dipstick level is not "using oil"? On my sig line, the Ridgeline oil level remains at the full mark during a typical 5000 mile OCI. The...
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    Synthetic the most abused word in the oil industry

    Perhaps more precise terms for "synthetic" oils would be "hyper refined" or "more uniform molecular structure".
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    Found a place that sells ethanol free fuel.

    Here in the south there are quite a number of gas stations that sell 100% gasoline along with the conventional 10% ethanol stuff. A new Shell station recently opened up about 2 miles from my house that has dedicated pumps on the main islands for 100% 87 octane gasoline. A Phillips 66 station a...
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    Looking for a cheap .38 or .357 revolver

    Yep, revolvers have gone up a bit in price - $300 is probably what you'll need to pay for a S&W Model 10 or 15 in decent but not pristine condition. Watch out for "cylinder cramp" in any revolver you look at, which means the cylinder gets tight at a certain clocking position. It's a fairly...
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    Upgrading radiator hoses to silicone

    According to others here, they must have drastically improved hoses over the last 30 years or so. I had a 1986 Honda Civic whose upper radiator hose sprung a leak in 1995 when the car was 9 years old. I then replaced all the radiator and heater hoses.
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    generators and hurricanes

    Here's what I do. I have two Honda inverter generators, an EU-2000i and an EU-1000i. After using one of them, I drain ALL the fuel out of the tank, and then drain the remaining fuel from the carburetor bowl (Honda provides a nice rubber hose for directing the fuel out of the carburetor (after...
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    Who has a car that does not use oil?

    Our Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Corolla don't use any appreciable amount of oil. Our Odyssey uses maybe 1/2 a quart every 5000 miles (which is its OCI). The Saturn, on the other hand, well, that's another story entirely. It uses about 1 qt every 1500 miles.
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    subaru oil consumption.. new engines for some

    I wonder how much oil these Subes burned. My Corolla owner's manual says that using 1.1 quart in 600 miles is "normal" oil consumption! Mine uses very little between 5000 mile OCI's, but it's amazing that Toyota would tolerate such high oil consumption. I guess it's CYA on their part.
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    Decent little string trimmer

    Originally Posted By: BHopkins Originally Posted By: Papa Bear Originally Posted By: BHopkins First choice: Stihl FS-38 Second choice: Echo GT-225 Distant third choice: Husqvarna Thanks to all who offered advice. It is appreciated as always. Mama Bear and I are going to the local dealer and...
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    What fuel additives do you use for ethanol?

    This site has a list of pure gas stations in the USA and Canada.
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    How reliable or unreliable are your vehicles?

    OK, here's my list of repairs (these do not include normal maintenance, cleaning, batteries, tires, etc.): 2000 Saturn SL purchased in 2003 with 52K miles, currently 113K Intake manifold gasket replaced at ~80K Windshield washer motor bad or lines clogged, still need to fix Burns a good bit of...
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    Denied a test drive at Honda???

    The one time I bought a new vehicle (the Honda Ridgeline) at a dealer, I sent emails to several dealers asking what their best price would be. At that time (which was right after the economic downturn that began in late 2007), Honda was offering a $4500 incentive to move the Ridges off the lots...
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    $1000 beater car needed

    If you have some time and are not in a rush, it's likely you'll find something decent in that price range. You have to keep your eyes open though and might have to look beneath the surface a bit. A guy I work with happened upon a '92 Mazda Miata that had less than 80K miles on it and had a leaky...