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    Oil life vs temperature

    The Arrhenius equation (not "Arrhenius rate law") doesn't state any such thing. Here's what it "states": There's no mention of lubricants or oil life. Each chemical reaction taking place within a lubricant will be subject to this law (as well as others) and the overall effect may well be as...
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    What's your preferred burger cooking method?

    I've taken to smashing them, so use a pan indoors or a flat plate on the grill. A smashed patty cooked quickly on a hot surface has a great combination of caramelised exterior and juicy interior.
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    0w0 oil for sale?

    But there is more likely to be a xW-4 and xW-2 before getting to xW-0 (which I don't think will ever happen).
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    Milkshake Oil - Extreme short trips

    I'm still not seeing the need for a car. Good clothing, decent footwear and some sunscreen maybe.
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    Quirky features on your cars?

    Volvo bag hook on our XC40. It folds out for use.
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    NAPA European oil

    That's a bold claim. The OEMs own the IP and rights to the specifications and approvals that they develop and administer and whilst some may choose not to endorse their rights, others do. Just using the term "BMW" is using BMW's protected brand and if you don't have their permission then you...
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    At what point does Calcium inhibit Zddp?

    There is a lot more to it than simple Ca and Zn ratios. It depends on what form each element is in. What type of ZDDP (there are lots, each with different properties), what type of detergent (ditto), what other chemicals are present and so on. Many of the molecules in an oil are in some way...
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    Any experience with Chevron Delo Syn ATF HD.

    TES 668 is backwards compatible with TES 295. So whilst the TES 668 version can be used in TES 295 applications, there are some other approvals on the 295 product that the 668 doesn't carry (MAN, MB, Voith, Volvo, ZF).
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    Who makes BMW's "store brand" oil?

    It is only "utterly ridiculous" if you have grown up with 3,000 or 5,000 oil change intervals enabled by cheap in-and-out lube stations. 2yr/20k miles has been common in Europe across a few OEMs for YEARS and oils have been developed to meet these requirements for as long as they have existed...
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    Oil differences?

    So much to unpack: In the context of the article, which seems to be discussing light vehicles (ie cars and light duty trucks/vans), any ACEA-rated oil will have cover for gasoline and diesel built in. There are some dual-rated API oils too, although not so much with the newer specs. I'm also...
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    Milkshake Oil - Extreme short trips

    C3H8 + 5O2 --> 3CO2 + 4H2O. So burning 1 mol of propane yields 4 mols of water (plus 3 mols of carbon dioxide). Burn 44g of propane and get 72g of water; so you get around 1.6x as much water compared to the propane burnt. That assumes complete combustion under ideal conditions. So yes, a lot...
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    Milkshake Oil - Extreme short trips

    There is 'short tripped' and there is short tripped. This is the latter. One quarter of a mile per journey with cool-down in between is not just 'short tripping' it is very severe service. The engine will spend ALL of it's time in cold fuelling mode, meaning a lot of fuel dilution. The water...
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    Milkshake Oil - Extreme short trips

    I disagree. It doesn't take much water to make an oil look milky. The short trip describe in the OP is extreme, the very worst operating conditions for the engine and perfect for accumulation of combustion water and condensation.
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    Milkshake Oil - Extreme short trips

    All the MORE reason to be walking. Seriously, it's 500 yards, even at a slow pace that's a 7-8 minute walk (or a 2-3 minute bicycle ride) but will have untold benefits on physical and mental health and fitness, not to mention the saving on fuel and maintenance (and medical bills!). Do it...
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    NOACK - Carbon Build up - A40?

    This kinda correlates with the Mazda Renesis (rotary) engine deposit formation claims that led to Mazda issuing a bulletin not to run synthetic oil in the Renesis engine. This further led to a lot of misunderstanding and confusion because in Japan only Group IV is considered "synthetic" (rather...
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    Tesla Germany

    [deleted - made the wrong analysis]
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    75W-90 Synthetic WITHOUT Limited Slip Additive - Mobil Delvac?

    You're comparing two different products - Mobil Delvac 1 Gear Oil 75W-90 and Mobil Delvac 1 Gear Oil LS 75W-90.
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    API ratings in relation to Dexos2?

    It's difficult to compare them as they are tested using different in-house methods; different engines, different conditions and different test limits.
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    Copper salts might replace ZDDP?

    Another issue could be the masking of wear of yellow metal components in UOA. There would also be a potential conflict with the electronics industry regarding cost and availability of the copper. There may also be differences in toxicity and other such factors between copper and zinc...