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  1. bruce381

    Rando HDZ

    try in the equipment that gives you trouble you will have to decide is the price difference is worth it
  2. bruce381

    Im search of a very high temperature oil in small qtys

    Try a PAG they have high smoke points BUT for NO smoke use a Moly or Graphite or Boron DRY lube.
  3. bruce381

    Is motor oil better than hydraulic oil?

    ISO 220 would be 50 wt
  4. bruce381

    Is motor oil better than hydraulic oil?

    PCMO will have better rust and water tolerance as well as sludge dispersion but lower EP or AW properties but in a low use/load environment both would be fine IMHO
  5. bruce381

    Chemical Components of a DI Additive package II

    they also add a TBN bump
  6. bruce381

    HOBS base oils and implicit/inherent FM

    1) I do not know what TD told Mr. Hass but I would not put any stock in anything TD has told anyone, LOL yeah +1
  7. bruce381

    Grease for Long Term Storage - Reaction with Steel & Aluminum

    1 - Is this formulation unstable and will it oxidize / breakdown into acetic acid, other acids/salts etc? If breakdown is likely, is this a valid concern or it is on a small scale that it should not be a major issue? Sulfonates are a common rust inhibitor for steel and yes is old school they...
  8. bruce381

    Oily drops from grease gun mobil 1. Is it breaking down ??

    its oil bleed is normal
  9. bruce381

    Reclaimed lube oil

    I think you need to get down to ? <1000 ppm water to make any kinda lube also what is acid number?
  10. bruce381

    Grease For Plastic Gears

    oil bottles are also plastic depends what kind the gears in question can handle mineral oil grease thats what lubriplate is made out of.
  11. bruce381

    Nitride Question

    dont know most non stock finishes I have seen are cerekote, maybe cause works good but many colors.
  12. bruce381

    Just got a Daytona 3 ton from HF. Needs oil out of the box?

    the level will go up and down depending on where the jack is as per height, When down all the oil that is NOT in the cylinder has to go some where that is maybe why the level look low? Use what ever clean new mineral based oil you have NOT brake fluid, you have laying around its a jack not a...
  13. bruce381

    What oil offers best protection for Hydrostat pumps/motors?

    "Their branded fluid is $20~25/qt and it takes 4.71 quarts. I've not been able to find out anything about this fluids properties other than it contains mineral oil and zinc alkyldithoiophosphate. But for a 1,000 service interval, I guess that's better than most." LOL for $25 per quart i would...
  14. bruce381

    Any additives other than ZDDP containing phosphorus?

    yes depending on oil type or use from esters to fatty compounds
  15. bruce381

    What caliber?

    me keep it simple a wheel gun like a SW model 10 or 15, 4 inch barrel 38 special she even may like shooting targets with it.
  16. bruce381

    What exactly is Mobil using here (RBR F1 oil)?

    oloeo fatty chemistry like used for skin feel. slippery ester natural oils. May mess with low temp properties of which racing is not needed. deposits also
  17. bruce381

    Polyether Amine %

    also why give a competitor any idea what you are doing.
  18. bruce381

    Does synthetic protect better than dino

    depends on what protect means for: wear sludge evaporation cold temp seal swell etc
  19. bruce381

    Can't get rear rotor off!!!

    I have had to take a sawzall to the rotor and cut down as far as possible without hitting the hub then put a chesel into the cut and banged on it that did it.
  20. bruce381

    In Need Of Some .40 Caliber FMJ Bullets

    40 cal is a odd ball I would think that would be the one that would be avalible I know 9mm is not.